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2012. szept. 23.

09.24."dinnyét üt a bácsi égő kalapáccsal" about the medical experiment what herr obama and lady gaga execute with the helping of the hungarian president!grz300 kon049 yes im "konok" because you ve taken away everything from me!already in 2009 menaced my life with the wheelchair people meanwhile there are people to who everything s allowed from me everything are taken away!not shame!im sorry that i say this but not shame and i dont feel shame about it that im also human i have also desires.im also human and you are the most sneaky people on the planet!in a psychological situation like this in which i continously live fear terror you judge me no one judge you!i wish youd be put into a poligraph!i take it!together with my wrongnesses i ve told the truth.youd fail together with the hungarian people who ve taken part in the systematic methodical plandly on purpose and with will done damage of my life and health for years.they easily do this with me because in advance they talked when a bird ll be sent around me and then they act like as if they d investigate it meanwhile not or when people meance me indirectly from the people who are involved they are on the implants which are in me.and then act like as if they d be against the crime.

and play the good people.play the good people who decide about a physically ill ones life.in whose life they can show who they are how good people they are!continous lie telling and misleading of people what they do.no intention to end the crime agaisnt me.keeping me between organized crime circumstances mislead people and lie.continous lie telling what they do sneaky attacks against me instead of clean and opened judging me put me onto a poligraph ive exact memories already from 2010 more ones with which i can defend myself.and with my free time i defend myself easily.ive wrongnesses yes but.you are the most sneaky hypocrat people i ever seen.treat me totally idiot and the people also who want to end the crime.continous abuse with the united states president position with the targeted rays and the hungarian president also help them.criminals live happily and in peace in this country together with the people who ve taken part in the crime.i take my wrongnesses.im human.take your plandly in advance systemeticly done damage and they attack my muscles on my legs now also that after that "figurative" meaning they broke my legs into pieces i should stand up!you are the most inhuman sneaky hypocrat people ive ever seen.tell to a helpless one stand up after you are the reason why my life s impossimble.im not able to write daily often.they take part in the menacing of Roger Federers life coninously together with the hungarian government from who they separate me and who s the only human to who im human not an experiment animal.the people who take part in it the most inhuman nazi sadsitic sneaky hypocrat evil people ive ever seen together with the hungarian people who help them well known and not well known.

openly cleanly attack me.put me onto a poligraph.in connection with myself heavier but smoothly more occasions in connection with my free time easily ll defend myself.these sneaky attacks what you do sneaky things.earlier with other things newer and newer sneakinesses what they find out to attack me week after week some newer sneakiness with which they pull the time and the humiliaton of mine just goes on.december next march continous fake promises how many fake promises already ve been ablout which people thought that time end the crime and nothing happened!they swindle everyone not just me!i wish people could do agaisnt it!continous lie telling and time pulling what they do!if not with else with the targeted rays!continous newer and newer fake promises with which they treat me and the people idiot who want to end the crime.mislead of people and protection to the criminals.i cant see out of it they mislead everyone.treat everyone idiot.nothing happen except time pulling they are the most sneaky hypocrat evil sadistic inhuman nazi people ive ever seen.rohadt szemét emberek vagytok!i wish you d be put into a same situation like im and d be treated how im together with the criminals who you help together with the bitches drug dealers criminals about who just good things can be said.when i typed it a ring symbol came out more times onto the screen i wish it d ve been recorded how sneaky hypocrat people they are!the most sneaky sadistic inhuman people in the world who play the good people together with the hungarian people i dont know if i deserve this what you would!?what you would deserve if i deserve this?"law"what is that law which is sneaky which s so hypocrat like you are sadistic inhuman nazi!what you d deserve if i deserve this???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????rohadt szemét emberek vagytok ti.i wish you d lose the united states elections or that a police could do anything against you!not the hungarian police which s a crime organization together with the american polices which are under adolf hitler.herr obama one of the most inhuman nazi sadistic person ive ever seen!those people speak about the truth about justice about fairness who themselves are lie telling unjustice unfair people on the planet not unfair they are criminals this is what they wanted to reach that they look like as if they wouldnt be fair meanwhile systematicly methodicaly damaged my life my health!

i d love to ask against the nazi medical experiment which the united states president with lady gaga and with other american people execute on my body with the involving of the hungarian government and leading people of the country.they tell lie to teveryone and mislead people continously!arrest the people who are involved in the crime and in the using of the targeted rays about which they say i get cancer from them and they killed my grandma and her parrot!i dont know muscle or what what they attack in my in my stomach but they continously use the targeted rays on me like on an exeperiment animal!no one can do agaisnt it im pulled back from help!i dont accept anything from the nazi expektations of them!id love to ask help!put me onto a poligraphic machine if you have any problem with me.if you are coward enough to do then dont speak.you are the most sneaky people i have ever seen!the most sneaky hypocrat inhuman sadistic nazi people!id love to ask help!how long the world let the crime go on how long no one do anything??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

who are these people that they can allow everything to themselves continously tell lies to every people 10.57,10.58 that im separated from my money im kept between heavy circumstances meanwhile you help criminals bitches!why dont you put yourself into ray therapy?what kind of nazi sadistic people you are together with the united states president herr obama adolf hitler and lady gaga who in person take part in the crime and no one do anything against them!in the radio till december 31 they pull the time and treat everyone idiot.totally forlorn sneaky hypocrat people they are together with the hungarian government!why are you so sneaky evil inhuman people together with the hungarian president who in person take part in the crime for a long time!?why are you sneaky why arent you openly fair people?why are you sneaky why do you hurt me what joy do you find in the damage and systematic humiliaton of mine!swindling people you are!criminals!nazi people!i wish people knew about these things and how inhuman people all of you are!i wish you ll lose the united states elections!nazi people who you are!they continously treat people idiot and pull the time mislead everyone!id love to ask help!end the medical experiment on my body in which herr obama help the criminals!the organized crime against me s part of the nazi crime on the place of the hungarian republic.not an organized crime.this s taking part in a nazi medical experiment.

ive asked forgvie from Roger Federer for my wrongnesses and that i hurted him.i take my wrongnesses.anytime not proudly but take them én megmondhattam az igazat.i could tell the truth.the people who ve done this with me conintously attack me every chance every sneaky opportunity because of which they decide about me.they show to a physically ill one what is life what is the degree in life.

when they are not able to attack sneakily then they menace with the targeted rays.lady gaga in person take part in the crime and act like as if were detached.today also used the targeted rays onto me on my stomach or onto anal parts of my bellies cloacas so forlorny which s unexampled im confirmed about that they want to haunt me into suicide or into illnesses well known fact that those part of the body can be easier operatable.lady gaga in person take part in the using of the targeted rays and the united states president also they mislead everyone and swindle people,more people in america are in front of the computers to have enter into the system and belong to them.i ve nver seen so sneaky hypocrat and evil sadistic inhuman nazi people like they are.the most inhuman nazi sadistic people ive ever seen.i wish they d lose the united states elections because those people who treat a helpless physically ill one how they are dont deserve to lead that country which s well known about human lovingness!

im sorry if im hateful!im sorry!i hate them.they put me into a situation which s basically crime.haunted me away from away i cried roared no one helped me already that time they pulled back help from me!which was in 2009.uncountable many chances since then to end the crime.not even humanness d ve been needed just to be fair.they ve not been able not even to be that.long time that they "menace Roger Federer away from me" ive been swindled millions of times by them.his life s menaced lethaly,please read my posts he s forced to mislead people even his own family.read my posts please!

the hungarian government help the crime for a long time.hungary sits on the bycicle yesterday ive seen a person around me.i was menaced with the government already that time when they started to lead the country.i dont know are they forced or from themselves help them but they help the criminals,they are on the crime execution s side for a long time and mislead people.the american people who do this "keep" them to continue the crime execution if they lose the united states elections.no one menaced and menace them.the hungarian government s on the crime executions side for long time now.together with the hungarian police and not just with the leading people of the country,more parties in which they had connections but the government totally on their side for a long time.

continous unfair disadvantage taking from my human typicalites long time they had to map my psychological profile.much time they spent with me when i was actually closed into my parents house.they intervent into my free time.for example if i trim a match of Roger Federer score is something they speak some idiot car type into that or into the event name or into the tournament name or into the court or into anything and force Roger Federer to do things!they menace him and keep him away from me with menacing his life and his family members lifes.i cant say words i cant do things because they speak into that and force hinm into things.earlier i was tortured not letting sleep and disturbed when i ate things or did things or said things.i cant write daily often.no worth nothing happen they just pull the time,read this post of mine and the previous ones also.im not able to im down phyiscally mindly.put me onto a poligraph the people who play the good people meanwhile they themselves ve taken part in the crime for years.i wish i also could ask from them i dont ve chance.together with my wrongnesses i take it.im not criminal.

id love to ask help against the orgniazed crime which s a nazi medical experiment on my body and in my life on the place of the hungarian republic which s under international human laws also.they take continous disadvantage from the targeted rays "triangles" orgnaized crimely executed messages if i have physical connection relationship with another,irreal nazi expektations and keeping my life between organized crime circumstances what they do.it leads to illnesses suicide.the us governments help because they are able to this not just the hungarian governments help.they take part in the separating of mine and in the orgnaized crime agaisnt me lady gaga alone couldnt execute it.

every second of my life is in illegal sightning they attack me mislead people where they can even when i watch a porn clip.actually i ve no chance not even for a human connection either because of the menacing of my life they tell lies to people.i sleep in the stairhouse because the people on the 6th floor dont let me sleep.they treat people totally idiot and mislead everyone.nothing happen.they mislead people and treat me idiot also.im physically mindly down.

My sadness and pain because of which i write.the sorrow towards the people who want to end it and they cant and the hate towards the people who treat them idiot and me also.the openly executed without fear without even just frustration executed organized crime in which criminals are protected and in which they hypocrat sneaky hungarian leading people take part meanwhile mislead people more faces having people.

When today i went out to buy food the bear hangs only just on the one hand of his. One of Roger Federers even if not favourite but listened song from the sonic dream collective oh baby all,they humiliate him with the misleading of people and continous swindling of him and the people who want to end the crime.his life and health about which ill write again are in danger they menace and because hes forced to mislead people no one can help him hes forced to say things about me i dont know what that hes sick and tired about i tor dont want to hear about these things or fed up with i tor im not normal meanwhile not!read my posts please!he s forced to mislead his own family,ill write down again what situation he s in at the end of the post!that him Yesterday when i came home someone told laudly „dont cover,follow these three children or there ll be trouble” after i had posted my previous post in which i wrote about lady gaga one of the people who in person take part in the nazi crime against me,the united states president in person who help them the hungarian president and government who,which help the crime execution on the place of the hungarian republic.

Look ive taken my wrongnesses.i asked forgive from Roger Federer.id love people if they see me not a evil or wrong human and the situation in its whole being not just my wrongnesses together with the hungarian government which cant wait like the american people respect for the exception that because of my nature they say something onto me and decide about me the „good people” who are proud that they dont ve to deal with anything i have never seen people who so enjoyfully torture humiliate and abuse a physically ill one like they do.before i write about it,Roger Federer s health and life are in danger,he s misleaded people who want to help him are misleaded and treated totally idiot.no kinds of intention to end the crime against me and they keep my life between organized crime circumstances pull him back even from medical help from me.they are attacking my legs now also with the targeted rays.that my legs are broken into pieces not in strict meaning of the word and they suggest i stand up.they broke them into pieces.how they broke into pieces the human who i was and they broke into pieces my inside.

Roger Federer s forced to mislead people.through the retina picture of him they are able to see what he does (youtube videos if you search) and hear what he does,his family s menaced for a long time now.already in 2010 an audi type of car standed in front of my parents house to where ive been haunted and forced him away from even just communication with me.even till this day i cant say words i cant watch videos.i think they force him to do things which s crime in itself already today down i said they attacked my shoulder because of complained about my physical pains and that what situation im in and attacked my legs.they force him into things which i dont want or against that without that anything would happen in my life.they blame me that i changed my thoughts imaginations.there were cases when i did but there many cases when i didnt and i dont know not even that what they are talking about.through this post id love to ask Roger Federer dont do anything they say because of anything i say or write or eat or drink or watch or wear or i dont know.between 2009 october and 2010 january february march no kinds of changing thought can be said onto me.i think till the in which im sure thats why i dont say not even the corveete which was an interest.and.between 2010 july after the hungarian lottery won and between 2011 july aug no kinds of changing cant be said.that time already i was so misleaded and they didnt let me sleep every day almost that i didnt watch Roger Federers matches cincy i remeber the final didnt see live coverage that i didnt watch website one website i watched with the slr for interest after a tv program.which is not change.that was a.clean interests after the tv program.why says that thats change.put me onto poligraph.i dont want to talk continously about me.

Those people who ve damaged my life systematicly methodicaly plandly and on purpose in advance never talk about that how they force Roger Federer away from me already in 2009 after they had haunted me away from home.never talk about that just continously about me that they didnt let me sleep conitnously even in my parents house uncountable many times and after that i went away from there football matches when they noised with the heating system until the teams didnt kick goal.every time a car went away in front of the flat i lived they noised with the pipes so laudly onto which i woke up.i „wasnt allowed” to eat things to drink things because they didnt let me sleep.they intervented into the cold or warm water few occasions tough.dont talk about that how they menaced my life already in 2010 early year and with my driving license which s not interested anymore just when was and they menaced Roger Federer with that also.after it expired.in 2010 february.they dont talk about the advertisements „4 years of waiting” already in 2011.about the systematic methodical damage of my health and life in which i think tough im not heart ill but my health ve been damaged.im physically down.mindly down.i live otgether with a constant pain because of my waist illness.from which they take unfair disadvantage also.

Organized crimely executed messages „egy lány nem csinál nyarat” „one girl doesnt make summer” in the article about the birds which dont come back just spring even if they lose the elections!the other day about the old woman grandma and about the niece that the birds come back just next spring because that till then i catn ve a relationship connection with another,they mislead people treat everyone totally idiot,the us government if they lose the elections by the time it stands up needs time.about the workplaces with coffee int he same newspaper.they dont speak about that how many times they humiliated me behind my back and enjoyfully tortured and laughed at me meanwhile i slept in the winter temperature having room because of the heating system switched offness.and had shower in the bathroom where wasnt radiation nor around that.they dont speak about that how many times i travelled to budapest earlier with this painful back of mine and they swindled me despite that.how they ve swindled me millions of times.and ll swindle me no worth to believe them.if not with else then with the menacing of my life they pull the time.im 50% to them.bitches drug dealers criminals who they help those people are 90% or higher.the good people.

”we ve choosen from 1000s”.you are the most sneaky hypocrat evil sadistic people i have ever seen.i have never seen people who enjoy so much the torture.when i slep and i went out into another room because they didnt let me sleep int hat they continued int he other.there were incests which were „sent” into the places i lived.there were places where the wall were somehow empty or i dont know and around my head when i wanted to rest they started to noise when i turned towards the opposite part of the bed then with the other wall.people sent around me laud music at christmas.uncountable many fests in my life which they damaged or when they humiliated me abused me as man as human.christmasts easters.birthdays of mine.in the last 3 years.

KVH 609 „ávh” which was the hungarian secret police int he communist times in hungary.the hungarian government help them and long time that they ve been connected to the time pulling if i mention just this year but earlier also together with the people who ve taken part in the systematic damage of my health and in the execution of the nazi medical experiment on my body.those people play the good people who themselves taken part in it why didnt they do some years ago why they menaced my life humiliated me sent me „O” message when i met wrote to girls already in 2011.they treat me totally idiot.even till this day i min illegal sightning every second of my life.i havent had a private moment for 3 years.every words of mine are attacked.every free time activity of mine are attacked.they cant wait the opportunity to hurt me or to take unfair disadvantage from my in hungarian önmarcangoló nature.

„comfort or waiting?” meanwhile they forced me into health damaging situations and then they asked it in an advertisement.they put the thermostat out from a place into another where a family lived next to me who were so laudly that i wasnt able to sleep because of them the much not sleeping brought uncountable many time more physical pains into my back with the constant stress.i went back into the place where they ve taken the thermostat out from then the heavy traffic because of which they didnt let me sleep which was promised to me many times anywhere i went.with the closeness of mine and continous menace of my life even till this day that im „locked” virtual prison because of the menacing of my life because of the keeping of the cirsumstances in my life and in orgnaized crime in which the hungarian police also help and the most the us president who help the crime.the targeted rays about which they say they killed my gradnma and her parrot and that man gets cancer becaus of them.lady gaga in person take part in the crime and use them on my body like on an experiment animal.
Earlier when i felt cold and covered myself.after a time i rather didnt cover myself up.

When i actually moved as if i had had physical connection with another meanwhile i slept they woke me up.criminals int he hungarian republic live happily without fear without even just a problem int he execution.there frustration cant be find.not even about what they ve done plandly in advance on purpose with will systematicly methodically now they are attacking my legs also,unbearable pain to them every common joy of mine.im confirmed about that.there were many sports events in which they forced out money from other people not just from Roger Federer in person but from other people with menacing Roger Federers health life or them.there were football tennis matches which i watched and had to be turned around.not Rogers matches football im talking about now and when i was tired and didnt watch but slept meanwhile they didnt let me sleep.

they ve stolen my money which ive saved for that i can go by taxi when my back pains so much not on foot not by bus.i have never given back not even a part of that.the onyl things what they did with me taking away.my human rights my humanness my pritae life my thoughts.az emberi méltóságom what a human can be called human.my health which they damaged.the psychological scars with which i live otgether and mind pains of mines in which they also unbelievable joy and enjoyness the humiliation the abuse of mine which they find and which mean joy to them.continous actually torture and keep me in a condition which leads to illnesses or suicide.decide about me attack me for everything.the most sneaky hypocrat sadistic inhuman nazi hearted people i have ever seen.i wish they put just a part of the energy which they put into the damage of mine into the analizing of themselves!into the methodical systematic on purpose and will done in advance done crime what they ve done and in which they ve gone too far!too far in the sneakiness.too far in the inhumanness in the sadism int he hypocratism.too far in the treating of the people idiot who want to end the crime.in the swindling of mine.they pull the time continously.nothing happen.uncountable many fake empty promises from which nothing ve been except the torture and humiliaton.well known fact about the crime.”the sound of the birds”.the nothing.fake dates fake hopes in short time run which the victim s able to see through and then swindle.time pulling swindling.victim blaming.if not with else then with the menacing of my life.uncountable many times earlier when they could ve ended the crime if they had wanted!why dont you treat the people how im about who just good things can be said?why dont you torture the criminals why dont you haunt them away from their homes like you did with me?why dont you humiliate them why dont you damge their health why are they so good people?why dont you damage their health their life?

you are the most sneaky hypocrat evil inhuman sadistic people i have ever seen!i dont know what they meant on yesterday i wrote about things what they wrote when i saved up my post they humilited me against „lapace” that Roger s meanced with his doughters or palace.they are the most sneaky hypocrat people ive ever seen together with the hungarian government and to the people who belong to them.i wish there d be people who could write about them things down because of which they should be frustrated and they re no tat all.the good people.but to go onto a physically ill one and damage my life health it went easily.rohadt szemét emberek vagytok.together with adolf hitler who s the president of the united states.one of the most inhuman sadistic huma ive ever seen.they are attacking my legs now also.i wish you treat the drug dealers bitches criminals to who everything s allowed „akiknek kijut minden földi jóból” how im.im not that type of a human.just let me write down what i think about you and how sneaky people you are.and i say itt he no one.who ve not had pyhsical connection with another for 10 years just 2 times and who is ill.and who s animal in your eyes.experiment animal.i the no one.from me everything are taken away.humiliated me behind my back.hungarian well known people ve takne part int he systematic methodical damage of my life. the hungarian police which s a crime organization help you.i ve never seen people who are so protected in a crime mostly because of the united states and hungarian president.lady gaga just assist to this enjoyfully ve taken part in the humiliaton abuse and health damage of mine.they „keep” the hungarian government to continue the organized crime they ve taken part in it for a long time meawnhile mislead people and menace of my life together with the hungarian official places which take ve taken part in it.they want to haunt me into suicide or kill me either with illnesses the constant stress and the crime in which im kept leads there.no intention to end the crime agasint me just the minimal level that the people who are connected to the flat cant say that im physically tortrued now also but the menacing re continous together with the keeping my life between organized crime circumstances and that they play the good people.those people who ve taken part in the crime for years.

Roger Federers health and life are in direct danger.not just because of the targeted rays with which he s been menaced for a long time,long yearsi dont remember when was the first time when i ve seen picture about him with a belt around his waist in 2009 or 2010 and about which int he sites you can read but because of the implants which are in him and said that they can be activated as pins and kill him.in the newspaper which ive read yesterday „joke” „do i die if im not be operated” answer „the two dont close each other out”.they menace his life lethaly and because he s forced to mislead his own family and treat me as an abnormal idiot person no one believe him because of the implants they hear what he says and what s around him,through a retina picture they see what he sees,watch youtube videos please,because of these things he s in an impossible situation.illegal sightnings are in his family almost everywhere in bolts computer phone smss skype or any other telecommunications things are in illegal sightning and he s forced to mislead people.his doughters are menaced also they separate him form doing anything his life is in direct danger.he s forced to mislead police organizations human right orgnanizations cant ask help forced to send away people who ask him about these things and act like as if everything d be right.

„székesfehérári szuperinfo” and „mustra” newspapers send them to a police,they keep my life between orgnaized crime circumstances meanwhile mislead people they treat everyone totally idiot together with the hungarian people who help them.they are so confident in the crime because of the leading people s help and that they take part in it which s scary. „dont cover these three children because there ll be trouble”.no intention to end the crime just for the time pulling.read my previous posts please!this leads to illnesses suicide!they want to haunt me into death and because of Roger Federers situation im helpless.criminals are protected.they are the most sneaky hypocrat sadistic inhuman people i ever seen lady gaga in person take part in it.

„if you want to reach something you can reach that just with cruelness” thats their main sentence.i myself ve read it years ago.the good people.40% and continous lie telling what they do with people.no intention to end the crime they attack my hands now also my muscles the humiliaton and abuse unexampled i have nver seen people who enjoy the hurt of another.yes indeed you treat everyone totally idiot together with the hungarian well known people who help the crime and the humiliaton torture and abuse the only things which are and have been done.they swindle everyone how swindled me millions of time and play the good people meanwhile you laugh at me and the people who want to end the crime.

please forgive me again you didnt give me out to anyone.i didnt know that you ve been menaced already that time when i ran out from the flat from the torture of mine tearly.nem adtál ki senkinek már akkor fenyegettek.already in 2009 ive been menaced already with the wheelchair people forgive me that i wrote it.i didnt know that not you were behind the crime agaisnt me.i cant see out of it.criminals are helped in this country and in america also.i wish they d lose the elections in which they say even in that case they continoue they menace of my life and damage of my life health in which the hungarian government also help them.please forgive me i didnt know that you were menaced.you didnt give me out to anyone.you were menaced.forgive me that i hurted you.you couldnt do else.im in a hopeless situation by afternoon and late afternoon im physically down so much which s.unthoughtful to a healthy one.no matter that i dont complain.


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