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A little info about me, I started in prehistoric times to deal with the music (mix tape deck), as a hobby or against boredom was perfect, but I discourage it, and did not stop, I continued as a hobby (now on PC). The environment in my living friends, acquaintances were made, and upon request as well. The musical style that you just simply mixing the "MUSIC" every style of music is mixed, there was also bad and it was good, but I always tried to make it to be good. Attracted to the feeling of being a DJ is in the hands of the audience's mood control. I always thought that the DJ profession is not about the money .. not about the fame ...... even if it sometimes is associated with the Dj-ing ... is nothing else as a profession in the audience ...... entertainment. My goal is not fame, but ... Often dubbed ... a man is not from dj, because it is paper, (which I do not) if you are not a DJ himself elected to the audience..............
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