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2018. febr. 13.


I already regret it that i wrote this thing down with ms Hilton.it makes it so unbelievable.i accept if you dont believe it. and i know Roger wants to help my mum and to my sister who are in trouble and none of them are healthy physically.i hope the officers ll arrive soon in person too.im wainting for them very much.im in a very weak and wrong mind condition.sorry for the typing mistakes.


Just.shortly.maybe ill.say or.write some tihngs which.ll be strange to you.or unbelievable at first or.maybe at second sight.and.ununderstandable or you dont understand.neither do i.there s some.paper.in which.name.id ve to ve some contact with ms Hilton,Paris i mean on.not Not Nicky.i dont understand cleanly why,the previous life of mine affect or i dont know.I dont feel rasonable why i should ve any contact with ms Hilton because i ve never been or.never can say about myself that i d ve been „fan” of her i had her sex video tape and some articles pictures i read something about her thats all.cant be compared to Roger not even to. Michael Jordan.i cant see sense in it and neither emotional.nor intelligent way im.not able to support this part of any paper.
i disagree with it a bit.or not just a bit.and.Roger doesnt want that.and i dont want that either i guess that Roger (about who people dont know but hes interested in his fans (without my videos i cant call myself Rogers fan theres nothing id be show up or express myself or explain my emotions for him nothing.) and if they re in serious trouble or at least in my case Roger acted, he pull the interpol onto the neck of the mentioned people.i guess that Novak Djokovic accepted a betting offer from Donald Trump instead of match winning.he choosed.Roger didnt accept it he threw away the chance of the no 1 ranking (he should ve been 6 in a row world no 1 just threw away in 2008 and didnt want last year.)he had word fight or.disagreement with his relatives about me because he wanted save this relationship.and helped me when he was helpless.he also choosed.i dont know how long time it still last.i hope the offficers ll arrive in person soon.and itt l be end that way.that to everybody d be fine outcome without sadness.im wainting for the officers very much.
You must know.that else people didnt do anything for me just Roger and some of the officers.some of them.and my mum.else people comfortably watched that i suffered.and i owe to them with much thankfulness.until i take breath.else people just damaged or didnt do anything.


Let me add.a comment just personally that.i think tv channells especially in big countries should be ready to jump.in connection with the satellites in every second.such as radio stations and else media things.independently from else peoples will.and independently from else peoples maybe.orders or.anything similar.i hope itll be end soon and the officersll arrive in person too.

Still waiting for the officers to arrive in person.when they ll and when ive chance ill
Write right away,i owe that much to those some people who read my posts.i hope itll be end soon.

Im glad about Rogers successes and tennis.together with the thought that he shouldve win won these in 2008 and 09 easily.not now with the helping of Donal Trump.but i already wrote about it try to understand him humanfully. Intelligently.his friend Rafa Nadal wouldnt ve been able to be no 1 without the helping of Donal Trump.Novak Djokovic should win everything.
There s.something which.i.i never felt that way that i should write about it.that they re able to.well. read my mind with a strong expression because they re not able to just d like to do.some minutes lasting thoughts they re able to.to define or.determinate.or identificate.names which i repeat in myself.for example.sexual thoughts.they human heart beats differently.if you are a poisoned person you must feel it.wh i never.wrote about it is that.that i keep.acts define who you are.and not thoughts.because.you can kill people at the postal program.in the ideal case no officer ll judge you tought strange these violentful softwares.but if you went out with a gun.and start to kill people they d judge you.what i wanted to bring out from it i dont think that the „power of the thought” d be so important compared to.the acts of a human.man or woman.and that why i never wrote about it.as Roger is a poisoned person he could also tell things about itt o you he never did yet.but i keep these thoughts in connection with this.and.that too.that int he experiment not so important the poisoning ofa person then rather try to do something with the time.not after 4 years but 7 or something.if a fancy relationship can be called relationship at all one sided int he case of Roger already not one sided because without him and without.some.of the officers.d be in hospital.or d be dead.but i disagree with the poisoning of the person.i dont want to make you bored.i hope i didnt.the human heart pushes from the fear excitement scaryness as well as undigested memories.for example.very similar heartbeat.like the lie.very similar heartbeat.
I hope and believe soon it ll be end.and the officers ll be with me in person too.

I understand or.try to that if you dont ve eveidences in conncetion with the past the truth saying is important i asked poligraphic examination when i was close to the smooth like a line condition and the always denied it from me didnt let it.already late. I asked it i believe that for example 1000 questions 1000 answers type of poligraphic examination is close to the humanful solution and much more correct and exact that this oversensive thing.if you ask a group of officers thell help you with pleasure.im sure.

2018.03.15.youve to.or at least try to understand.Roger didnt want wrong with the betting.try to thnik humanfully.and.try to understand.he tried to do something that this world could be a nicer place.with his acts outside the court, foundtation in Africa.underestimate the power of the betting plus there were times when the us went against him, he threw away his giftness.just didnt want wrong.try to understand.just because so many people judge him.and people knew about it even on hungarian forums and well known people as well, try to understand it.that.why he threw away his giftness.and not judge negatively

in connection with me i hope the officers ll arrive soon in person too.

First and foremost.id like to.put it into roght that i type without thinking.and without much correcting in the typed things.my english level is low.forgive me for the typing mistakes.
ill not say many personal.or.private.things about myself because there are people who can maybe or maybe not i dont know call the ambulance onto me because im under psychiatrist controll until this day.by the way absolut unnecessary and they misdiagnosed me and mistreated me.Barack Obama forced me to hospital between 2014 aug and october.partly because of my faults.partly because of his evilness because unnecesary would ve been.but he did.i want to write it down also that im a normal person.my intelligence rate is average.ive learned university mathematic for 2 years.short summary of the university knowledge.just for interest.everything what ill write down are exact.correct and ll be 100% in syncron with the reality.and with the happened things.

im a fan of Roger Federer since 2007 january.february.since the australian open.in that year.i love that man not just the tennis player.despite that my emotions grew up towards him just in the last some years because he acted for me against powerful and influenced people unselfishly bravely.and didnt execute their evil orders.i ve a video collection about his tennis.without strong expressions nothing is able to put me in fron of the screen so much like Rogers tennis between 2004 and 2008 or 2007 december before he starded to throw away his giftness.my videos are made for myself.for my own entertainment.some of them are to him as tribute.and some poems of mine i wrote to him as well.for a while they were available on the youtube site.i didnt want to do bad.with my videos.they are for myself.and its possible that ill not upload already anymore to any publish site.by the way for a long time i cant edit.because my computers are in danger.

i dont want to put else peoples names into the mug or to put it into the dirt.
On a day in.2009 aug i woke up because of loud noise which came from the 4th floor neighbours of mine (the close the door so badly that i wasn able to sleep).And then they continued it for 3 monthes.even during the daytime.i didnt bear and went away from my grandmas flat.i live on the 5th floor of a blocks of flats.i was haunted away from home.and between 2009 october and 2012 aug i lived in 10 flats because i was haunted away from all one by one.Barack Obama protected the people who commited the crime against me and they are not arrested even until this day.i moved to my parents house in 2009 november.i still had a job.which.i lost in 2010 october.i remember when i ran out from the flat people with dogs were sent around me i didnt understand why.and i didnt understand that either that "ezek földmozgásokat okozhatnak" "these things can be sources of earthmovings" people were sent around me.or why they went through the squerz top in the street.shortly.i was tortured between 2011 jun and 2012 february with the agreement of Barack Obama and with the agreement of officers and civil people (Lady Gaga and some else people) which. means that i wasnt let sleep in 7 days from 7.i was kept in coldness (the started to noise with the heating system so loudly that i wasnt able to sleep thats why i had to turn it down).in the flat in which i was they noised all day long without stop.i was forced out into the street.and 2012 aug when i returned to my grandmas flat.by that time surrounded with evil people on the 6th floor as well.

i ve taken part in a .traditional or.conventional us government experiment in which the person who get present is swindled.mert a megajándékozottat becsapják.Roger wanted to buy cars for me and he always fought for that that i could ve enjoyed at least the cars.this is a.traditional us government experiment 60 70 years old.for the confirmation that i didnt want to use Roger up. (im unsure by today because i dont remember and even thats possible that im not the same person who i was) they poisoned me with something.its a sightning machine which i swallowed with medicines in 2011 jun.and they say that "the truth is unheartbeated the lie is heartbeated".by today they can be confirmed about that that the truth is heartbeated too.i was unheartbeated between 2011 jun and 2012 october, november and for the 2nd time during the hospital treatment of mine in 2014 aug sept oct. (i was heartbeated because of the black and white words just together not separatedly tough.not because of the black.or because of the white.just together.and then something could ve come into my mind and i started to be heartbeated for many words.i also foulted not when i played on the hungarian lottery or stock market also i spent time with i said i didnt like the blue and that the sl 65 amg has a better sound than the 63.nowadays you cant say anything similar not even to paoeple.they can use it against you and you should be glad about that if you get something.together with the thought that the experiment is a swindling.interesting that the people who were involved in the experiment between 1987 and 1993. were heartbeated because of the same but as i know they were heartbeated just because of the black and white too separatedly and not together.i dont want to make you bored.you cant have sexual connection with another person in the experiment.and therefore you can have this.that for example cars.

there s.weighful part of the experiment.the poison of the person.that they hear everything what you hear (my ears were washed out in 2011 marc apr.) and watch everything what you watch (i think with a fume) and they ve a picture about your heart.on this base that want to decide "that are you a good person or not".i think unnesesary part of the experiment.and then they affect the victime with words with things.i dont want to say examples.and if your heart beat then you are wrong person if not then not.Barack Obama doesnt want to give out the provenesses with whic i could prove that i was totally honest or what.i think its a.spineless behaviour in this situation.he keeps the disks by himself on whic the sentences are that "the whole flat was sightnended".Bill Gates want them badly not i. Roger believes to me.i met his dad in person.in Switzerland i wasnt able to meet Roger tough.

interesting that many ex us president who killed 100.000 of people and 1000s of children are poisoned also then how good people they are.in 2010 when i listened to a song nightwish feel for you after that there was an earthmoving in hungary or 2011 i dont remember im sorry.

as the court investigation is unavoidable.i dont want to write many things down because youll be informated from the tv.but.these satellites which.are in the space. yes these rays can be sources of heart attack stroke or cancer (they tried it out on me 2 times that way that they d be able to whole a stomach out with it)and they ray my stomach very much between 2011 jun and 2012 oct november. folyekony volt a szekletem.they can be sources of earthmovings.they pulled Donald Trump into the crime.i hope and wish it to him hell not put himself into bigger trouble.with his help Roger won 3 slams.Roger lost on purpose in the 2008 aus open semi final and in the 2008 wim final and in the 2009 aus open final and 2009 us open final he deserved it i think. he threw away his giftness.

i hope you understand i didnt want to hurt people.or something.just i owe to the people who read my posts.with explain.even until this day im kep in continous fear.and pressure and scariness.i cant go to hopital because they d close me in.im waiting for the officers that they could guide me to hospital.and help me.they did so much for me already until now without them i wouldnt ve been able to bear it.its possible that they want to pull the time until i become ill.or they want to put health damage into me.i hope that the officers ll help me soon.and not in may and not later.every day is a challenge to me and contest to survive.without the officers wouldnt ve been able to do.and wihtout Roger either.i owe to them with much.

i havent written about very many unmentionable moments when i watched the nightwish feel for you and then earth movings was in Hungary in this town or the continous menace in which the us government have kept me wheelchair people etc etc.i hope you understand.im in a very weak and wrong mind condition.

They re able to generate rain or snow or wind lightninig,thunderstorms.with the helping of these satellites they shot the sky with something racket or what and in the racket theres something because of which the human organization after a level of filled upness somehow ”stuckes” the ray to itself.your body s filled up with the water.because these rackets generate rain.and that something goes into your blood.even around your heart into your brain.as a target.so small that not viewable with eyes in the water.and in the racket.because of which can be rayed.their strange thinking that represents people as animal Roger as a ”cat” or they use for the sightning birds (black birds robins pigeons crows etc) the crow is Michael Jordan these things.i think its abnormal.
They vet hat stereotipical thinking that.what is from Hitlers learnings „are you blond then you are culture keeping and doing”.they „represent” people with similar outlook having people.meanwhile every people is an individum.not just int he bolts there s sightninh machine buti n mm small things int he wall.in those places (desert mountains) where they arent able to do this send the birds and they watch everything what the bird watch.

I dont know how long time they can keep me in this destructive and demoralizyful sitation i hope the officers arrive soon.

Im not a healthy person, mentaly im healthy physically not, im suffering from an illness called spondilolysheis originally 14mm slice which ve been trained back with 5 years of gymnastic and with a special treatment at around 6mm.next to that.that for example Barack Obama s a mess killer children killer and one of the most cruel evil sadistic and merciless person who ive ever seen (tough every us president are the same) and Lady Gaga s also a cruel person together with the officers and government people civil people for example who commited the human torture between 2011 jun and 2012 february middle.to the truth it belongs that ive spent big part of my life with fighting against first my acnes my face looked terribly between 1996 and 2001 or 2 (medicine,roaccutan 20mg and cleaning treatment didnt help either).and then 5 years with my waist.i dont want to complain but im already very tired.and every single day s a contest to survive without getting mad or roaring.without the officers and without Roger even heavier would be.i think unreasonable to keep it up and im not able to understand the commitors reasons not able to accept their standing point.i hope the officers arrive soon.

For example at 2013 summer they rayed my prostat every day,daily often 10-15 miutes time not at once.or later rayed my kidney.or my nose.my face my teeth painfully.some of them even until this day last despite that Roger asked to stop it.i hope the officers ll arrive soon and ill be out from this situation.and.i didnt hurt anybody with my post.im not able to describe or.explain.differently.these things with different words.i hope you understand.

Roger from the very start fought for that that i could ve enjoyed at least the cars meanwhile the us government didnt let anything.i hope at least the officers ll arrive soon and i can go back to the human community even if not at once.
i asked forgive from Roger in person in written form despite i didnt posted my poems to him again.i thought with humanness it could be solveable and just because there are some heavy headed or unintelligent silly world wide leader it shouldnt ve to be kep up.i dont think that an intelligent person d agree with you already.the weigful word is the already in sentence.i suffered very much and for a long time.id decide differently.i hope and belive the officers ll arrive soon.

I dont know what i could say.i hope soon itll be end.by now they know that 100% truthful expressions are heartbeated also i think because of the excitement and also fear.or undigested memories.or scariness.
They come up with that that „li no” coccolino” meanwhile they know how evil sneaky the experiment is.im rather on that side that let thinfgs to be.or to happen.and not make everything forbidden always with the "nor".and menace people.with many things.if someone s heartbeated then „cooked” fő.so called.they ar heartbeated also why dont they come out with their own heartbeat screen why do they need mine.they re able to sense when ive erection.i wrote about it.even when i smile.or cry.teary eye.because of the poisoning of the eyes.i dont want to make you bored.i hope itll be end soon.im waiting for the officers very much.and for the medical treatment or.check out.

i dont.feel that way as if id ve right to judge but.but i think with a bit humanness and intelligence it d ve been easier.im waiting for the officers.

Im not able to.write d own everything at once because ive so much information in my mind that impossible would be.and it disturbs me occasionaly or not just.between 2009 oct and 2012 aug i was in 10 or more flats.rent flats because they haunted me away from them one by one.with noises.there were flats in which they noised all day long.and after 2012 aug when i came back to my grandma s flat i slep int he stairhaouse and before also cause wasnt able int he flat.with breaks until 2014 aug when i was forced to the hospital.and since then my mum and sister are with me even until this day.they divorced i think their marriage is a victim of a us government and cia program i dont know the name of the program i read about it still in 2011 its responsible for the separation and isolation of relatives and family members from each other.

my hearts glad about Rogers success and tennis despite that personally i think his career d ve been beautiful if he hadnt thrown away his giftness.but this way also an odd and.unexampled thing.
i hope the officers ll arrive soon and this ll be end at least from a point of view.i mean on the personal tragedy of my life.there are very many things and.information in my mind im not able to.neither to share nor to write down at once.and im in a very wrong weak mind condition.i hope you understand.

To understand that.why it goes so slowly.you ve to understand that big people re involved into it.they wanted to create an idiot mind control victime from me too.when i watched the nightwish track feel for you earth moving was in the next day or next few days in Hungary in this town.i dont remember exactly that that day or the next day but was.meanwhile the Obama government didnt want to stop the mess killss.its possible that they changed their mind but they didnt want to.they deleted the sites which were originally different or the content of them was different.and they wanted Roger also to deny it in front of else people and wanted him not to help me (zürich officers when i went to the local police station in 201dont remember when.i mean with these scripts on their t shirt people.)because some insult touched me as well i had more cases with the police small cases or.smaller ones.you must know i disagree with the time pulling.and that its kept up and Roger doesnt want it either.he already didnt want the christmas.which they damaged.9th in a row.Barack Obama ll not start to act cooperatefully,he doestn want another shame onto his head.i disagree with that that Bill Gates so badly wnats to prove thinga about the experiment.i told it to the officers as well.many times.poison of the person the ate meg danette meg how wrong person the victim is dont like this.ok i foulted but this is already tops things.Roger from the very start foughted for me else people what did.big nothing.some of the officers did for me still and my mum.i hope the officers ll arrive soon in person.and i can brought to hospital.

Roger didnt fear when 5 years ago acted for me against powerful and influenced people.despite he risked his relatives and familymembers health. Together with this thought
I dlike to ask forgive from Viktor Orban i hurted you unjusticely.and like you said „az emberek azt gondolják egy országot a kormánya irányitja,de ez nem egészen van így.” I understand that you feared you ve children.i hope youll win the next elections ll not depend on me.

There s.mistake or.giving reason for misundertanding in my posts which i want to correct or put into right.from my grandmas stomach the same sound or.noises came out and there were strange things with he (i wanted to commit suicide after her death because i was so down in 2007 aug 15. and then the big storm in this town on the 20th of aug i posted in a poem onto a local radios site that i wanted to commit suicide i wanted to do it during the fireworks.and because of the storm the firework was delayed and i changed my mind). or the noises from the wall (they re able to.generate noises from furnitures walls with these rays) before the people arrived who wanted to came up to the flat on the 15th of aug (possible that they wanted to commit evilness the phoned up is anybody at home i said let me in peace) just 2 examples or the dog at my parents house which „vonyitott” all night long ont hat day when she died.they re able to force the animals to give sounds with these.dont know how tough but able to.in the case of birds its especially effectful.
Nobody hurted her.Bush d know about it for sure and he doesnt.not heartbeated if he had been id ve been notified int he streets alread.if he so called „főne” was cooked, he doesnt.nobody killed her.and i dont blame anybody with her death.i just mentioned the dog because they re able to force animals to give sounds with this ray.birds as well.(their body is filled up with the water earlier.you understand.)
i hope ill not ve to be in it already for a long time and the officers ll arrive in person too soon.

2 times they rayed my stomach that way that.it d be able to hole a stomach out during 15 or 20 seconds when i slept in fron of the elevator at midnight 2012 summer and when i talked with Rogers dad 2nd time in 2012 christmas.im not able to know how much or how long time d be by the time any kinds of tumor like activity starts in a body it could be different people after people one by one.there must be connection between the level of the raying and the im sorry outcoming or shit of a human because when they rayed my stomach very much between 2011 jun and 2012 oct my shit was fluent.folyekony volt a szekletem.nasa people d be able to answer.i hope i dont ve tumor like activtiy in my body.and that the officers ll arrive soon in person too.

the satellites ll ve to be taken out to the interpol the us america commited messkills with them.its matter of time.im not able to know how much time they pull the time still i hope itll be end soon.

Roger was one of the first people who acted against the messkills children kills that way that on international fields somethings moved and some officers or.inspectors of the interpol.the Obama government didnt want to stop the mess kills they rewrote the sites even which were about the rays.for example that this ray s source of cancer (it feels as some burning things laser or something similar on a higher level.)and there was a time when they did the „muscle shaking” on my stomach cms it moved out upside down from the ray.it can be source of heart attack or heart stopping as well.
i havent finished the college cause of my grandmas death and 2011 november the crime against me was on the top and i wasnt strong enough to finish it.and i stopped to be registered.ou ve to know despite that its possible that i wrote about it not just in the bolts theres sightning machine but in mm big things in the wall.not in the desert or mountains tough.but in my case its not problem to them.

without Roger and without some of the officers woulndt ve been able to survive it not even until this day.d be closed in to a hospital or d be dead.i hope the officers arrive soon in person too.


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