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2013. júl. 18.

The original Glastonbury movie has had a complete makeover and is coming soon to a screen near you.

"It's a masterpiece" Mike Leigh
"Marvellously honest, beautifully shot ... the most impressive festival movie this reviewer has seen in ages" Time Out
"The soundtrack is superb" N.M.E.
"...as if you were there...highly recommended" Premiere
"Pop pickers and mellow T-heads alike will love this surreal and enjoyable movie." The Observer

In 1996 a feature film about The Glastonbury Festival came out to critical acclaim in UK cinemas. It's different to the 2006 film about the festival. This film was shot in Cinemascope, the original camera negatives have recently been re-scanned in ultra crisp High-Definition and the film and now looks as fresh as the moment it was shot. Mensch Films have started work on an extended Director's Cut due for BluRay and Cinema re-release and are now working on a completely re-edited version of the film, delving into the huge archive that they shot at the time. On this YouTube channel you will find leaked edits, unearthed gems and bits of behind the scenes footage which will be periodically released during the production process.

If you were there you're in it. If you weren't you'll wish you were once you've witnessed this remarkable film. Shot in 1993 at what is commonly regarded as the last of the great old-school Glastonburys, it's packed to the brim with extra music and video.

Glastonbury The Movie was released in UK cinemas on summer Solstice 1996 and also had the honour of being the very first UK movie to be Lottery funded. It's since had global distribution, showing in every continent, even Antarctica.

In a world where everybody has sold-out come and see what life was like in that bygone era before Oasis, before Blair, before on site cash-point machines and mobile-masts. Come and see the film by festival fans for festival fans - a unique social document.


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