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2011. nov. 3.

This is an art movement during which I have smuggled in gilt bronze roaches into the Tate Modern, Tate Britain, and Brittish Museum, making them part of current exhibition, in June 2011. The young artist gets into the sanctuary of visual arts like a cockroach. The roach as a carrier of the message is not a random choice, and naturally the used material itself has multiple symbolic values. The roach is one of the most disgusting insects, which is capable of getting inside anything, and also earned a doubled fame in public awareness by its imperishability. People treat the roach as a synonym for disgust because of the common repugnance it causes, but at the same time, as an insect which is capable of adapting the most extreme situations, it is a symbol of survival. Naturally, other insects from the history of art also act in a live picture about my work, for example the scarab from Egyptian culture, where it is showed as a godly symbol, and therefore it is mainly made of gold. But, for my ideas an insect of the opposite meaning was more suitable. This is why I chose the roach at the end. It is found anywhere in the World, considered everywhere as a pest and a source of infections, and exterminated anywhere possible. Opposite to this, the roaches in my creations go through multiple changes. Walking into the culture's holy space, they turn to gold in the museums, which represent art, and this pushes the question of art. At this point the action is made classic and contemporary at the same time. The smuggling effect is "roachy" and reflects a contemporary approach, while in materials and workmanship it recalls of classic art pieces.

Again, altering pieces of art. The spontaneous participation in museum exhibitions is not unprecedented in history of arts.
Yet, one of the basically important principles of my actions is that I don't want to batter. That is why I put a great emphasis on boards keeping the museum's walls unharmed, and the pieces of art have to be nicely designed, made from noble materials, so that the pieces of art which I put in the citadels of fine arts don't only have an artistic value, but a real value too. In the given project I always design the table with the informations graphically, typographically and by shape, to fit the museum tables.

Thank you for Richard Kiss, Gábor Csongor Szigeti, Tatlin (Ferenc Gábor Görög), Ferdinánd Jakab, József Tamás Balázs and Andrea Gombos the help, support, photos, videos, and programming.

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2012-04-29 09:16:03

poen, bar az otlet nem eredeti

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