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2018. febr. 14.
lines which.i wrote to Roger.i belive you can take it with pleasure.


The evening flew down onto the ground.
Which is teary my eye
When i look up to the sky –
- smile the brighthly shining star.
Dew in the mountain
Grain in the sand – i am,
Reflection of view
On the water of blue
Into humanness dressed
Meanwhile your heart rests.
Does not need disquise
I wonder and ask – in the dark, the light,
Do you think of me rarely or often?
For a long time – shortly then.
im already covard and covered
myself with you – to feel warmness too.
To cuddle my alone remained lonely soul
With the wish i love you so – a picture in your mirror.
Till my sigh away fly
lies down onto your soul – and stay in there for evermore.
To say as a human and sportsman, these two about who
To me else ones dont touch reach even your feet,
One man who shines up from all the other – its Roger.


Some things id be
If you were about who it is to be.
Lily on the tree,
Ever blooming to thee.
Pen in my naked hand
Rhyming rhymes which re just mines.
Tear of teary angels,
Sad but never hurts.
Love of lovely bears,
Sound of silent bells,
Smells of fallen flowers – surrounded with the universe.
Secrects of lost books,
Knowledge of tasks on which you hooks.
Shadow of the backhand drop shot,
Never bounces high so much.
Taste of the chocolate
Which you love to eat.
Cuddling of light wind – the coldness within.
Little hamster which s food too – shared just with you.
Thorn of the rose which s nice for those
Who view but dont touch and understand that much.
Raindrop from the cloudy sky, covering your brightning eye.
Snow under your feet – if not or if we meet.
Medicine of the paining body – heals from it quickly.
Wishes in the winter monthes – never wanted to be haunted.
That i love you so and much more – my heart to you is opened door.


Even when the heart cries
And the mouth smiles.
What the heart decides thats the right
Ive always felt i decide the right.
Im blinded by the light of your eye
I wish they never pass me by
How you open them in the morning,
Without you id be nothing.


Fadeness s feelable on the field
Do you ve or dont any shield,
Lightness goes into dark,
Believe my heart ll never be apart.
My hopes are in the dust,
You re who i trust.
Passes me by – the day.
To us the love which remain.


D to feel i wrote this thought
To make Roger always remember
Onto a piece of paper whatever
How you feel and think,just blink
Once and rember my videos
From which some just were tools
To express my love my emotions
And how ive felt how i feel,
Towards you - who are in my heart with fear –
Allowed to be dear.


That people dont understand
I guess not now,not until the end.
My emotions, feelings for you.
And even if you didnt like me too!
In august when the air smells
Autumnll arrive and hug around.
If i had so much amount time
Wasnt ill or could heal.
Id make you understand
Why i write my heart inside
Which is by your sight
Just a couple of sentence
And not entrance
Into your heart.
And why i wish a week before
Much love and even more.
Happy birthday and a cake
Like sea in a shoreless lake.

You are the light of my eye
Whatever that how shy
My love, my will are.
Remain in me,never die.


Small bear on my shoulder
Truly yours forever.
When the night goes away,
Say hello to a newer day.
With the devotion which i got from you
I love you. And you like me too.


Spending time with you the same pleasure,
And joy as been ever,
In my heart the nicest blooming flower,
Wishing you a calm easter.
I cant ve time with my videos cause of circumstances,
I also take the question what it is.
But i believe with the longer lasting lightness,
You ll also return. As the calmest rest.


I see clouds fly high on the sky
One of them which i define
Your heart flew above, under i
Wished never passes me by.
And i never deny
My love s my dye.


Things which for or unforgivable
And ones who knows it better.
My foults i wish you could view them away,
Wouldnt feel madness to me anyway,
I promise ill never do any mistakes more,
I love you more than before.

Dont know the tennis player or man s bigger
I love both ones as well.
Like the ligth shine on your hair,
i havent felt this for anybody other.never.


the bitterful happiness with which you came
Wish that never leave me away.
Not how leafs leave the tree
Yours i always want to be.

Let it till the end
into your hand
ever kepted fairy land
something which to be meant.

Not the first time i saw you,earlier coldly.
Didnt sense that how lovely.
What is on the court and out.
your true fan just since then. Without doubt.
You teached me with the heart to see
And that which s invisible
Also can last forever.
On that night you wore black and white
But painted my heart with red delight
Everyone else fell away
You were unbeatable not just that day.
When i hear Roger Federer
Let me think of that night forever.
Remained in my heart with love and sorrow
For now and for tomorrow
For the remaining time of mine on the earth
Always let you be the one first.
Who didnt throw me away when could ve done
And something else has also begun.
Who helped me when else people didnt
Let this be for now the present.
Filled my heart with it also
And despite much sadness tough
I believe will go away the trouble
And i can also touch your heart. Which d be the wonder.

if the sky was love, /if love was the sky/
and hate was the ground.
everywhere and time around.
if you feel warm for me too.
let me give you. from the blue.
I wish you a tree at which or by
gives you shadow by far
in my heart the nicest place.
the farness into which seemed/faded/ its grace,
kisses beauty onto my face.

how i loved
i loved you how,
from rainclouds in the past and from the shine ever now.

my love s the blood which jump into to swim
surrounded by a heart – the hateness within.

if you didnt recognize
these are teary eyes.
to make you remember,
now and ever.
on the winter which s the last,
i respected you how much.

your smile was to me
teary in the sea
shine in the raindrop – lovely
sorrowful and happy
silent wind through the tree
scared heart which beats in me,
always yours want to be.

i would love to be the art
which became, remain and never depart.
in the middle of your closed heart.

i wasnt able to send or.post all the poems to You.ill when im able to read them from my things which are unavaible now.or when ill be able to rewrite them from my mind.this was the christmas poem of mine earlier.

wasnt able to make video
wasnt able to buy anything
just these which tried to be sparkling
for you, for hearts which loving.
If you can take it with pleasure
And do not forget – never
With these i wish you merry christmas
For the troubles, for the love, for the present, for the past.

regebbi kepek rolam zaklatasom kulonbozo szakaszaiban.i want you to know that im the same human like you not more even less and not some "psychological" ruin. everything what ive written are truthful.

2018.03.20. you must know that without some of the officers i wouldnt ve been able to survive it and d be closed in to a hospital with never brokenness or d be a dead man.im very thankful to them despite im not able to do for them and not able to show it out.some of them were with me even when i was full of heartbeat and far not smooth like a line and despite it they standed out beside me.
try to take it with pleasure.

These drops of fears to Mireille
Forgive me, not able to win this over monster.
I hope it ll be end soon
Under the sun and the light moon,
Teary eyes with shaking heart,
Mine s glad that i ve been part,
Of something which You did well
My heart,my soul which you took care,
That without much injury and damage,
Could bear and come out from it.
Without You id be dead or nerve brokened,
And possible it d be never end.
You ve seen human in me not an animal
I believe i remain in your eyes forever.
Im not able to do for You.
But thank You.

this world in that case d be ideal
if half as much officer were
than people.

2018.03.22.i know that the closed and not closed police documentaries with time are sent to a stock and not kept in the office neither in yours.this case is still opened.when itll be closed after that i hope too youll remember me.take it with pleasure.if you are able to.

i like you Mirelille.
Till my heart beats and after,
Despite i know to You im not else
Than a number line on a paper.
I believe some day you ll remember
You cant understand how ive felt.
When You take a view onto a bookself.

2018.04.02.thank you Mireille for the much energy and time which you put into it and that even until this day i vent been haunted into nerve brokenness and hospital or. havent been killed either.

Help me unselfishly just some of the officers
When else people want else to themselves
You cuddled yourself into my soul in which
You always ve a place, a piece of cake
From my heavy nature, heavy heart
Until i live never depart.
Without You i couldnt surive
Day and night.respectfully ask.hold me tight.

2018.03.24.Mert hosszú ideje megpróbál mellém állni, ha nehéz is és a szíve időnként félelemmel van tele.

Anyanyelvemen szólhatok önhöz,
Hogy köszönöm, értem kiállt,
Mikor más tette, ön meg nem hátrált,
Kívánok választási győzelmet, önnel legyen a tudat,
A haj, mely Magyarországért őszbe fulladt.
nem mindíg éreztem, kiáll mellettem,
de én is magyar vagyok szívemben,
az idő az ellentétét igazolta,
kívánom sokáig kerüljön a posztra,
mi ezt az országot még magyarnak tartja.
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