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2012. ápr. 19.

TOUGH YOU D NEVER ADMIT WELL KNOWN THAT YOU TERRORIZE MY LIFE WITH HAUNTING ME INTO A CAR CRASH THAT ILL BE PARALIZED PART OF THE BOTHERING OF ME WHEN PARALIZED PEOPLE IN WHEELCHAIR ARE SENT AROUND ME TOO OFTEN AND ON PURPOSE.PITY THAT IT IS A FACT ALSO AND MANY PEOPLE HEARED ABOUT IT.A KURVA ANYÁDAT AZT A KURVA ANYÁDAT TE SZARHÁZI.WHO ARE YOU THAT YOU CAN ALLOW THAT TO YOURSELF I WISH PEOPLE D PUT YOU INTO A COURT INVESTIGATION FROM WHICH PRISON WOULD BE THE ONLY OUTCOME!THE PEOPLE WHO YOU ADORE GOES UPSIDE DOWN ON THE ROADS STEP OVER THE RULES NO PROBLEM.EVERYONE HAVE DRIVING LICENSE.NO PROBLEM.THE PEOPLE WHO EXECUTE THE CAR CRASHES CRIMINALS NO ONE INVESTIGATE THE INTENTION!I WISH THE WORLD KNEW ABOUT THESE THINGS AND ABOUT THESE UNJUSTICENESS WHAT IS WITH ME AND COULD DO AGAINST YOU!DONT PULL THE TIME!DONT BE NEWER AND NEWER DATES!GIVE ME BACK MY LIFE NOW!GIVE ME BACK WHAT YOU OWE AND STOP THE INCORRECT NO HONOUR HAVING UNFAIR ACTING MS NO HONOUR!MS VALULESS.That does not disturb you ms valuless ms abject that there re people who take away from other ones damage other ones lifes commit crimes against people who never hurted them and they live happily te hitvány!majority of them re healthy physically.ms superstar!ms big human.one relationship which was said monthly ago.by now you would be able to terrorize my life with my driving license on basic things such a valuless human is what you re a valuless debil human valuless in business valuless as human and in the trouble.if my health and me counted you d be intelligent enough and let me live how human.many people know about these things and you easily take suggestions to other people.you dont ve to fear from the realizing you braingone!i hate you so much that id not be able to do anything for you.you can suggest easily anything which would be better.give me back what you owe first!stop the evil interventions into my life such a pity that i dont have any kinds of psychological problem except the „szorongásos zavar” and how unqualified people work at many places or corrupt who can turn from themselves out for money in Hungary.i believe that there re ones who dont but life s shown the opposite.leave my life and stop the interventions into my life!read my posts you idiot!you re one of the most valuless human ive ever seen.


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