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2018. jún. 22.

No other person in the world mr trump.mr sneaky foxy trump with who you would be brave enough to do these things just with me.together with the 3 people of yours.1st of july went away,the officers havent arrived.you swindled me again how always!id love to ask help!and waiting for the honourful officers!finish the human torture mr toothmonster trump.such a sneaky foxy sadistic animal like you theres not even another in the modern us history!id love to ask help!

trump ray my teeth from the moment that i opened my eyes till i close them down, meanwhile i eat meanwhile im in the street.nobody helps me.international organizations help id love to ask against trump and against the boss of the cia the boss of the fbi and the boss of the government people!help me please!and finish the timepulling!im not interested in your reasons that everybodys prisoner everybodys helpless,i need help.help me please!and dont pull the time!im not able to live how it is it is unbearable!im get mad beleőrülök ebbe!trump s so sadistic person and sneaky foxy man which s terrific.id love to ask help!help me please!

trump hasnt finished the human torture and the only thing because of which he keeps it and doesnt let to finish to honourful officers that he can enjoy himself about my suffering and about my relatives suffering. together with the boss of the cia boss of the fbi and the boss of the government people.some days are remaining (inside 50), 100 that i didnt masturbate, unacceptable what the toothmonster does!nobody tortures me with so much pleasure like trump.id love to ask help!dont pull the time please!

What you do with me is unbearable.no person.no official.no private.no any.who d bear it with complete mind.ez elviselhetetlen.nobody suffered so much in the last 70 years in this like me.nobodyve been tortured so much like me.nobodyve been put onto the edge so much like me.senkit nem hurcoltak meg így és ennyire.even thats luck that im alive.even thats i thank to roger.and to some of the officers who help or.try to help me.if depended on trump and obama id be a dead man.trump d ve tortured out my soul my last breath from me.i thank everything to roger and to some of the officers and even with them how much suffering!id love to ask help.i dont want to suffer anymore.absolut wouldnt ve to torture me.id love to ask help from honourful officers.and dont pull the time.


continous ”42” and ”24” meanwhile i nobody help.the sneaky foxy trump started to ray my filled up teeth (down under 6one).terrific pain.i wish trump d be arrested and punished very much together with the 3 people of him who help him.id ld love to ask help.help me please!i dont want to suffer anymore!help me please!international organizations help id love to ask!help me please!i fear of the teeth pain so much which s terrific and trump enjoy my pain so much which s undescribeable.when i touched my penis many times they rayed into my teeth.trump s aberrated evil satir person!id love to ask help against the sneaky foxy president and against his 3 people!help me please!i dont want to suffer already!nem akarok szenvedni már!absolut wouldnt ve to torture me and trump does it with so much enjoyment which terrific.trumps sneaky foxy person!id love to ask help!help me please!

International organizations help id love to ask against donald trump us president and against the 3 people who help him.the boss of the cia,boss of the fbi,boss of the government people.they havent finished the human torture,enjoy themselves (especially trump enjoy) about my suffering,enjoy themselves about my mums suffering, my sisters suffering and pull the time.they want to kill me.if i died life time prison i wish against them.they want to force me into relationship with ms hilton.trump decided about it when there was the earth moving in fukusima,he wants to kill me,he decided about it when there was the earth moving in south america with 100s of dead people and tons of dead children(after a post of mine in which i said that with these people man cant talk humanfully and which post ve been deleted).trump s sneaky foxy person.he wants to take my life away,pulls the time and dont let those officers to help me who d want to.i fear very much.nagyon félek.id love to ask help from honourful officers. russian,chinese,britain,french,germany,italy or any bigger police organization not cia fbi those are crime organizations.help me please.and dont pull the time!these people pull the time and dont let else people to help me.trump is the biggest monster of my life and the most brutal sadistic human ive ever seen.id love to ask help.help me please.im sick and tired of the suffering.help me please.and dont pull the time.

trump hasnt stopped the human torture.he ray my teeth and enjoy my pain so much that he rays them till the pain is viewable in my heart picture.sneaky foxy person.so brutal sadistic animal which nobody d think about him and about the boss of the cia and boss of government people.he wants to kill me with the helping of the 3 asslickers of him.i wish trump was arrested and punished very seriously together with the people who help him,the 3 mentioned people all the way.id love to ask help!

I wish the world knew how sadistic brutal sneaky foxy person donald trump is and torture maniac animal hes actually.he enjoys the torture so much like nobody.obama s nothing compared to him.he enjoys the torture and the physical pain so much which s terric.i wish trump was arrested together with the people who help him and agrees with his cruel psychotic nature and with his torture maniac animal brain.the most sick minded animal who ive ever seen.nobody likes the torture so much like trump.donald trump s the most evil cruel sadistic person of my life.international organizations help i d love to ask against the brutal barbarian torture maniac sadistic sneaky foxy president.if trump wasnt wouldnt be torture wouldnt be pain wouldnt be suffering wouldnt be fritz officer wouldnt be killing.id love to ask help!

International organizations help id love to ask against donald trump us president who tortures me daily often brutally and sadisticly.obama s nothing in the torture compared to trump.trump s sneaky and foxy also he wants to paint it onto else people.pulls the time and dont let officers to help me.he s the most brutal person of my life.iv never seen such an evil brutal sadistic inhuman person like the sneaky foxy trump.he wants to kill me and paint the killing onto else people.the 3 mentioned people of him help him in everything.they want to force me into the relationship with ms hilton who also take part in the killing.if trump wasnt wouldnt be torture if trump wasnt wouldnt be killing if trump wasnt wouldnt be fear terror scariness if trump wasnt ms hilton wouldnt want to kill me and wouldnt want to get in touch with me.trump is the most evil person ive ever seen.obama in the sneakyness foxyness tops him but in the brutality cruelness and sadism far away from trump.id love to ask help!
Absolut wouldnt ve to torture me absolut not and trump does it with so much enjoyment which s terrific.the 3 people of him help him.absolut wouldnt ve to.he so addicted to the torture which s terrific.id love to ask help.

For 6 weeks ive been suffering from continous tooth,teeth pain because of trump.he got phone calls,even emails could about it and he continues the torture behind the mask of lady gaga together with the 3 mentioned people of him.i think he wants to force out things with it and that he wants to break me mentaly totally. i dont know who could help me against trump.he s sneaky and foxy.behind the mask of else people absolut unnecessarily hurts me and enjoyfully.trump and the torture are separated chapter in the psychological notes.
Roger tries to help me but cant.im waiting for the officers,honourful officers who help me.

For 3 weeks trump s been raying my teeth in every 30 minutes painfully and i never know in which second the abnormal sadistic people of him (those 3 included,asslickers of trump) ll ray into my teeth.just the night is skipped but when i go out to pee they ray it.im not able to imagine how can be a person so sadisctic sickly sadistic,betegesen szadista like trump and these 3 people.i dont know who could help me and how quickly.without Roger they ve tortured into death already and even with Roger and with some of the officers (not those 2 polices,they work cooperatefully with the government people) how big fight even just that that i survive the continous torture in which trump keeps me with the 3 people of him.
Im waiting for the help.

trump rayed my teeth yesterday so much that my eyes were tearyful from the pain.despite that the classical human torture ended in 2013 marc (when Roger acted) i wish people knew how sadistic ,merciless and evil person donald trump is together with the boss of the cia and fbi and the boss of the government people of them.military maniac animals and they enjoy the physical abuse mental abuse so much which s scary.these 4 people re responsible for my suffering.the paper could go normally without the sadism also and they enjoyfully keep it up.trumpd ve been able to said i didnt do obama did i didnt do,he didnt say.he enjoys.because a sadistic animal the american president is.he pulls the time.(toilet pull downs).doesnt let those officers to help me who d want to.despite that 100 days were when i didnt masturbate.and till the end of the paper almost that time is remaining..trump continued the teeeth ray,sometimes more painfully there was a period in which every time when i yawned then lately when i smile (my smile is unbearable to both people) and when i swallow.my teeth are rayed for 4 years daily often.in the last years my skin at my face started to be spotted.not confirmed that because of the teeth ray but not confirmed the opposite either.and trump so forlornly evil that he does these things,he wants to make my face uglier.elcsufitassa at arcom.
Im waiting for the honourful officers and hope the can help me.because these officers are criminals and they work cooperatefully with the government people in america.without Roger theyd ve tortured me into death and ve haunted into suicide and nerve brokenness.i thank everything to Roger,to my mum and some of the officers who are with me.without them,id be a nerve brokened man in a hospital or a dead person.together with that,im confinrmed,trump wants to kill me with the agreement and cooperation of the 3 mentioned people.

2019.03.06. trump started to entertain himself again with the more painful teethray (4 years my teeth are rayed painfuly on a different level daily often,obama started),im still waiting for the officers help.
Without Roger they d killed me and d ve tortured into death with the cia officers fbi officers government people of them and d ve haunted into suicide and nerve brokenness.i hope those officers who d want to help me ll arrive soon.

2019.01.02.The teeth rayed eased but just because of Roger.but he cant help me how he d want to.they tried to control my dreams (strict meaning of the word when i slept and not the first time) because perverted satirs they are (there s a machine into which the put or.input datas even pictures and because of the water in your brain stucked parts,in your blood they intervent into it).the officers havent arrived im waiting.i mean those officers who d want to help me.

2018.12.24. i dont want to say fake.or.misunderstandable information.if you already respect me with that that you read this is.this is the only attackable point of my posts.because of the information missingness.
This paper lasts until next year 1st of july.i just didnt think that these people ll be or.d be so forlorn evil heartless and soulless.that they damage my christmas 10 times in a row 10 years in a row together with the officers who enjoy themselves on my sorrow and sadness and keep me in this fear and terrror box enjoyfully.very heavy and dark times which ll come.ill not write to you (i mean on you who read it) just if something happens and i dont ve to.or wouldnt ve to suffer from the dirty criminals of these people and from the dirty officers of them as well.id love it very much if it was different or.else.but these people dont help me.i dont know what else can i say.ill write.when things ll change.

They overrayed my heart with a painful ray because of which total truthful expressions started to be heartbetfilled and i cant speak properly.at this moment with the agreement of trump (who enjoy this the most because a sadistic cruel animal he s together with his soulmate and partner the sneaky foxy spineless barack obama) more government people and cia officers are ready to jump and kill me with heart attack or stroke or heart stopping (life time prison what i wish to you mr trump in that case) and humiliate abuse hurt molestate insult me daily often occasionaly not far from the human torture.and i wish life time prison to obama as well if i had cancer or if i died if not because of the crimes of him against the human nation he s judged.these people on the title of „asas” passat on the title of what is the right price on the title of protection (meanwhile they want to kill me) on the title of barking not help me and let me to suffer.meanwhile the dirty criminals of thers are happy healthy.they humiliate me with the stupid idiot muscle shaking people they hurt with ms hilton (should be arrested) hurt me with the hungarian playmate (virag who s by the way pregnant – should be arrested or not officers ll decide) and enjoyfully abuse me daily often with the agreement of trump and with the agreement of dirty officers.
When those officers who d want to help me arrive ill write.i wish they arrived right now.

It is the 23th of dec and the officers havent arrived.im kept in this fear box terror box meanwhile the dirty criminals of yours enjoy themselves together with the dirty officers who feel glad about my sadness and sorrow.they swindled me now also how they swindle me generaly regulary also.im very disappointed.id love to ask help.id love if it could be differently.
Soulless heartless and evil people you are.
Idve also loved to spend my christmas after 10 years without fear and terrorism and scariness with my mum.theres nothing else to say.i dont feel that way that i should say anything more.

2018.12.17.i wish trump was arrested and the world d know how evil sneaky foxy person he s actually together with the cia officers of him and people of him who hurt me daily often and nobody help me.Roger isnt able what to do against them.i wish you were arrested!
and with that that you reducate the viewers continously part of trump psychological abuse nothing ll be.i d love to ask help united nations or interpol any honourful officers noth those criminal officers who hurt me.

2018.12.13.how long time ive to suffer because the trump is american president.he molestate me insult me sexually abuses me almost daily often unnesseserly and without reason just from enjoyment with the agreement of evil cia officers who dont do anything against it just enjoy themselves and laugh at it i think.
obama started but trump continued without moral and ethical problems.id love to ask help from international organizations united nations and or interpol.

2018.11.04.i fear very much that they want to damage my christmas that they dirty criminals of theirs d ve a nice cristmas meanwhile id ve to suffer this year also 10th times in a row 10 years in a row because of the sneakiest foxiest spineless barack obama and the violentful aggressive trump.
I dont know how long time these sneaky foxy people can do this with me without punishment and upshots.
I think already even my small relatives family members dont believe in that that Roger can help me and not even in that that the officers can help me because trump and obama are so big i cant say what because my post ll be censored and deleted.evil people.enjoy the torture pain sorrow sadness suffering. which s terrific.the paper can be kept in progress without the fear and terror and scariness and they enjoy it.id love to ask help!

International organizations help id love to ask against Trump american president who i guess want to kill me torture me enjoyfully and unnecceserly unreasonably with the agreement of officers and with the agreement of government people.ive 4 reasons against trump why he wants to kill me which i cant share with you because in that case id be in a worse situation.he continues the sneaky foxy tricks of him instead of letting the officers to help me.with generated created reasons keep the fear terror and scariness up just because he enjoy it and enjoyfully tortures.id love to ask help against him.he wants to damage my christmas and protect the dirty criminals of yours.meanwhile id ve to suffer this year also.

2018.11.02. i fear very much that they want to damage my christmas 10th times in a row.i dont know which organization or.organizations could help me.Trump has sneaky foxy intentions i think he wants to separate me from Roger and even that could be that he wants to kill me.the sneaky foxy Obama still doesnt act cooperatefully.i dont know whenll be end i wish the officers arrived right now without hesitation.much earlier than christmas.


They rayed my teeth during the night as well everytime i moved.a hand moving was enough or turn onto the other side,the last moving of mine was unrayed at around 5 am 5.30 am.but all the other was very painfully rayed.they ray my teeth during the day as well.i fear of every seconds.trump’s sadism just with the helping of the officers can be kept between limits somehow.hes a very sadistic person.enjoy the torture and that ive to suffer so called „price” in the evil trumps opinion.absolut unnessesary it is,he just enjoy the torture.i dont know which organization d help me against the sadistic trump and against his psychopat mind.i hope the officers ll arrive soon.
Im experiment incest to these people who think they can do anything with me without punishment.


during the night Every time i turned onto the other side of mine they rayed my tooth so painfully that i wanted to roar and i roared occasionally.trump enjoy the torture very much then the psichological abuse with the ambulance and that nobody is able to help me against the animal trump.id love to ask help in the mirror of the written down things! and talked things.trump is a very evil person and a sadistic animal.same psychological profile as obama.he has evil intentions with me secretly.and wants to hurt me.sneakily.they just damage with the torture and enjoy that.both of them are the same type of person.
(!)Because thats true that not you want to prove anything but Bill Gates but you decided about the torturing of mine and raying my teeth sadisticly sneakily foxily (you continued enjoyfully after obama).and not else people suggested to you neither the rotchilds nor the rockefellers.


International europian organization help id love to ask against Donald Trump us president with whose agreement people with officers torture me and he doesnt lett he officers to help me.i asked that much that let to hospital and let back to my mum and sister and ill be managed with them.Trump doesnt let it he doesnt let the officers to help me and forces else people into the crime.expert people would be able to prove against him these things.he enjoyfully tortures me and hurt me.id love to ask help!

(!!!)Ive a.good.suggestion.to you mr Trump and Obama.the sneaky foxy spineless.buy for yourself an animal.and start to itch it with a pin until it dies.of course that way that the animal isnt able to defense isnt able to defend itself.that d be the most entertainful activity to you mr Trump and mr Obama.
Stop the torturing of mine mr Trump.the humiliation of mine and hurtness molestation insult of mine mr Trump.and let he officers to help me.


Even if.i dont feel that way (i dont know you who re reading this) but i think that,i owe you with that much that.i try to.summerize.shortly.what is this evilness at this moment.its possible itll not be easy.especially because my teeth are rayed painfully (the animal Trump continued the teeth ray, 3 years itve been lasting and since i open my eyes until i close it im tortured with it – just cause of the officers the pull their sadism back, otherwise i wouldnt ve teeth because of the animals,i mean ont he sneaky foxy spineless Obama and the violentful aggressive Trump).the dirty neighbours of mine are not arrested either and the enjoy themselves and their evilnesses because of the animal Trump, its possible that it ll not be easy.i dont remember when i had an unfearful moment.animals.so.
The „limit” of the papers lasts until the given year.ms Hilton doesnt stand away from her intention that she wants to have contact with me (she should be arrested).the rays are opened.very big fault.and unintelligent silly act d be from Trump if he started to kill people in front of the eye of 1000 of officers and the satellites ll be taken out to the interpol its just a matter of time.if not now then later.or to some organization which.ll not kill 100.000.s of people and 1000s of children with it enjoyfully.that,that ms Hilton fears of these things i think (despite that these animals are able to put bitterness into your life differently as well) but unnessesary.i dont want to ve contat with ms Hilton.you dont ve right to commit rape against me or any similar (years of prison). This is the crazy part of the paper.to which.the animal Trump is stucked as well.it doesnt stand in front of an international court you should be arrested in the name of united nations laws and local laws as well.
The betting part of the paper.any government d ve been able to do it for Roger.the re represented at the betting sites any bigger ones.even if not that way that weekly 3 times but during a weekend easily 3 times.
This s just a handicap of the us nazi government because the terrorize the world and keep people in fear.(read my posts earlier please).

To the animal Trump it is comfortable and enjoyful (read my post please).and tough that ok that not every people become mess killer if the satellites are closed because not every peoples psychological profile are the same.not every people enjoy the killing (thats why you cant charge another person unviewdly with it because not from everybody become messkiller just because they ve the chance).torture.hurtness.humiliation.abuse.like these animals.despite it trump doesnt lett he officers to help me and enjoyfully hurt me.a perverted satir, aberrated person.i think he hopes that i got the dangerous amount of ray into my stomach and the doctors cant help me by time the medical check out examination is done.and he earns millions of dollars with the illegal sport betting daily often (he could do easily after it as well but hes stucked to it)

Roger wants to help to my poor sister and to my poor mum.Trump doesnt let it.the officers want to help me.Trump doesnt let it (together with the thought that without them they d ve tortured into death and haunted into hospital enjoyfully).depended just on the officers.just on the officers and on Roger.these 2 animals d ve already killed me (not big word killed me) without them and d ve tortured into death,into hospital.i mean d ve haunted into hospital both animals.
There re intelligent.and smart.high educated.experienced older people.who could prove my words.high educated at psychological crimes well experienced in them and the could prove my words.officers.big people.big officers.not traffic controllers.and else people as well.im in a very bad weak wrong mind condition.heavy to write.heavy to think.nehez gondolkodni.my mind is pushed down from the fear terror abuseness humiliation and pressure which the animal Trump keeps up enjoyfully.
View away to me if i skipped something or just later ll come into my mind.ill read it out before i post it.but i wanted you to know.or.to be clean with these things.i owe you with this much.cause you read my posts.i dont know when i can be helped and the dirty criminals of yours who are happy healthy dont fear dont live in terror can be arrested.the animals Trump wants to damage the autumn as well the remaining summer as well he should be arrested ill go against him on the court.
Scary to me that.these people the animal Trump included dont fear of any group of people any organization any human right united nation or any organization in the world and i dont know who could help me and first an foremost when against these animals.
i feel pity mr Trump and mr Obama that you are so evil bad people and that you hurt me,hurted me with so much pleasure and you dont fear of anybody. and i d break a door on your head into pieces with undescribeable pleasure.especially the sneaky foxy Obama.but the violentful aggressive monster Trump enjoy to hurt me as well on undescribeable high level.without the officers and without Roger d be a hospital filled upness and closed in.because of the sadism of these 2 animals.

I fear that the aberrated satir Trump wants to damage the remaining some weeks from the summer and pull it into the autumn and winter.he doesnt fear of any organization any group of people and officers either.yesterday insult was (during the Obama government common) with the dirty neighbours of mine who are happy healthy protected dont fear their heart dont shake from the fear and enjoy themselves.he almost hit me ellökött in hungarian on my back remainable small injury is hes unpunished.Trump is an evil person and enjoy the hurting of mine just the sneaky foxy spineless Obama enjoyed it more or.on a higer level.i fear that the officers cant help me and i dont know when it ll be end and which organization or.group of people could help me because these two animals dont want to finish it and they enjoy their sneaky foxy tricks daily often and the hurtness of mine molestation insult occasionaly not far from the torture.
ive to be careful what expressions i use onto the animals because the delete my help askings.

Despite the very much trouble and sorrow which this relationship was able to survive lovefully.and came out from the troubles stronger.i wouldnt be brave enough to call Roger dear that in the piece of poem i wasnt able to use the original wroted lines.i feel big sadness because i cant spend time with my videos.(from which just some ve been dedicated to Roger the majority for my own entertainment and own spent time spare time activity,thats why i wrote that)i dont know when i could spend time with them again.
i dont know which organization could help me and when.against these animals.
Still waiting for the officers and for the medical check out examinations.


Still waiting for the officers in person.i dont kow exactly but i think the system which the control the rays with are not a common computer system wich.means that not from any computer can be controlable some special system it is.i dont know hackeable or not but.password is needed and a special system it is.at Tusnadfurdo the hungarian president said that us and russia ll get on well and deal with each other all the way.i wish that that Putin just int hat case deal with them if they take out the system to the interpol or.to an organization which wouldnt do these horriblenesses with them and menace the whole world with it.i wish there was at least as much humanness in Putin that.that he d deal with the situation just in that case.
As for me i hope i dont ve any cancer.because the ex us president rayed my stomach so much.my im sorry „shit” was liquid.the outcoming of mine i wrote about it.i dont want to make you bored.im waiting still and wait that they officers could guide to the hospital.im a bit hopeless.and at this moment cant see the ligth at the end of the tunnel.thats a thing.that Trump doesnt let Roger to help to my sister.or to my mum.
but thats another that Trump doesnt let the officers to help me.and.doesnt let he medical check outs.the medical examinations. And he want to force me into aberrated and satir situations.meanwhile i asked that much.that let to hospital.and.let back.to my mum and sister.i trust just Roger.maybe some of the officers.some of them i trust as well but Roger the most.i feel.and know.that he wants humanful to me and doesnt want to hurt me.doesnt judge me that way how else people do and doesnt critisise continously.despite that he has opinion about my fault.or.foults.but he doesnt hurt me how else people do.
Im waiting for the officers.in person.and for the medical treatment.or.examinations.check out.i hope theyll arrive soon.i dont know which organization could help me.you also see not on Roger depend.he doesnt want to keep it up.Trump pull him into it.because its comfortable to Trump.that he keeps it up.and i dont know which organization could help me.against the monsters.who want to keep it up and doesnt let the officers to help me together with the thought that without the officers or.some of the officers these two people the monster Trump and the monster Obama d ve tortured me into death and haunted into nerve brokenness enjoyfully already.but im kept in this „inkubator”.because the monster Trump force people into it.and i dont know which organization could help me against him.and against the people who keep it up.satirs.abnormal sadistic monsters.psychopats.

2018.08.01.i didnt think that theyll pull it into the aug.i dont know what i could say.i hope the officers ll arrive soon in person as well and guide to the hospital for the medical check out,examination.


They sent a grasshopper in front of the entrance of the office in which i sleep (incests are controlable even the flyes also) which noised hours time,wasnt disturbing tough.”ásnak”.már olyan mély a gödör,hogy bárki belefulladna.they put papers around me „nyerj”.they dont want to finis hit not at all.”j” order this day either and Trump systematically metodically swindles me daily often and enjoyfully.always i ve to swallow and they make Roger look like that because of him meanwhile he didnt want to keep it up for a very long time.Trump is a huge monster.i dont know which organization d be able to help me.not this is how they should arrest people.this is absurd. the sneaky Obama should be warned up that he has to cooperate with officers because he ll be arrested if not indepndently from the 50 40.000 of murdered people who he killed enjoyfully.meanwhile some people hope that the monster Obama injected the dangerous ray into my stomach already and just a matter of time ill start to produce symptoms.which time s changeable people after people.some years 5 years 10 years.when you produce symptomps almost always int he major cases late.Trump doesnt lett he hospital.
And not Roger doesnt let i tor else people the monster Trump doesnt let it who d be tortued into hospital without some of the officers.without some.of the officers.and d ve haunted me into hospital.enjoyfully.
I dont know which organization would be able to help me and when.this is tragical.and im desperate about it.monster animals these people are even until this day for example with the agreement of officers no girls ve not even some words with me.all of them d send me away.and not because of Roger.and officers agree with it and help in itt o the monster Trump.
I dont know which organization d be able to help me.they want to arrest people not i should be always that person who swallows.i asked that much let to hospital and let back to my mum and sister who are ill.you are monsters mr Tump!huge monsters.aggressive violentful monsters.and Bill Gates is a monster also.why does he want to prove desperately that i was smooth like a line or my heart beat screen was smooth like a line.meanwhile because of this painful ray into my poor heart total truthful words started to be heartbeatfilled.i mean between 2011 jun and 2012 oct nov.because for the 2nd time he was with me also in the hospital.
im sorry i know.because the interpol or some else organization promised that theyll make the experiment forbidden in this form because everybody s heartbeated.and Bill Gates desperately want to protect it.just not this how you should do!that always i ve to swallow!mr Gates.not this!
Let to hospital and let te officers to help me!the papers ve ended in may.in may!monsters.and the middle of the year is away also!


Some from the earlier commited small evilnesses of yours together which.dont belong neither to the human torture nor to haunting from flats to flats nor to ray my stomach very much category.

-damaging my computer wasnt able to be repaired.
-hacking my computers and not me to ask help in written form
-damaging my mobil phone (i wasnt able to hear what the other person said because they damaged the sound part of the phone)
-putting shit into the stairhouse in which i slept and i wasnt able to sleep there anymore
-sending people with ice cream around me after the gypsies stole my money and i had 2x70eur for 2 monthes
-stole my money with the expect site in which i was foult having also but you commited
-insult me sexually (the aberrated Trump do it even until this day) and disturb me when i masturbate or.
Distrubed me when i masturbated.
Disturb me when i shaved my face or groomed myself with the dirty neighbours of yours who are not arrested even until this day and happy healthy fit people (such as the drug dealers and crime organization leaders who you like so much and whose smile is so important to you mr Trum and mr Obama mr big people.)
-disturb me when i peed or was at the toilet.
-aberratedly force else people to give sounds and then close the door badly tons of times because you made fun of itt hat i gave sounds when i mastrubated which you follow through (much spare time of a us president, such a busy people the big people.
-sending girls around me on purpose and then they sent me away after i went to them (Trum even until this day use this psychological abuse enjoyfully and enjoy the situation because nobody wants to have contact with me the monster Trump enjoy it very much with the agreement of officers.
-interventing ino my nintendo raise up the level and i lost every rounds
-inform me enjoyfully that 24 and the peace is saint nothing ll happen today either no officer help no hospital (everything with the agreement of officers),inform me about that nobdy wants to have contact with me even until this day and im in a virtual „prison”.
-want to force me into diswanted relationships and force me into people that i dont ve the right to choose who i want to have contact and with who not.
-inform e min wirten for about my helpless situation and that nobody help me and nobody s able to do againist the mentioned monsters.
-woke me up when i smiled.hurt me when i smiled (advertisement) my smile is unbearable to these people.or.monster animals.
-menace me and kidding about my illness i mean my spine illness.
Tv advertisements to make me laughable in front of else people or make my situation laughable.
-damage my videos,editions with Roger and make it impossible that i could spend time with them
And some elses which dont come into my mind right now.

I really dont know which organization d be able to help me and when. The monster Trump doestn lett he officers to help me, molestate me insulte me daily often enjoyfully occasionally not far from the human torture.doesnt lett he officers to help me without the officers he d ve tortured me into death into hospital nerve brokenness (toothray kidneyray prostatray noises) - for 9 years already from which the first 4 were nightmare terrible.then Roger acted and easier was with some of the officers. and Trump enjoy it.Trump enjoy it.such as Obama enjoyed it very much as well.despite that he faces an ill man.both of my sisters are sensitive cause of the flour and one of them have chrone illness her whole bellysytem s inflamed and the doctors just heavily were able to put sample.if she starts to have cancer she can die.her bones pain from the medicine.
im in continous fear and terror scariness and excitement because of Trump because i never know when ll be that a psychopat american hurt me of course unpunishly.my normal clothes are in a box since my mum moved away from my stepfather (into which marriage they intervented with sending the woman who my tepfather cheated my mum on) we dont ve space for my clothes.
Trump has the same psychological profile as any from the previous us presidents.like i wrote earlier read it.just he didnt kill 100.000 of people and 1000s of children.enjoy the torture pain sadness sorrow suffering.my smile is unbearable to him.same as to Obama (Obama and his team they woked me up more times when i smiled when i slept, Trump use psychological abuse -advertisements) use psychological hurtness against me also ejoyfully (for 9 years).the videobomb reducate the viewers numbers cotinouslyi dont know why.with the agreement and cooperation of officers girls didnt send message to me despite i wronte to them.i cant ve connection with girls because Trump doesnt let it.despite that every paper has ended.the sneaky Obama doesnt cooperate with officers even until this day(for 4 year already because he doesnt want another shame onto his head) and no organization is able to come out with else solution just that they this is the right price „ásás” malone this day either no help.and Trump enjoy this and that he pulls the time.they swindle me daily often and dont want to finis hit not at all.i dont know which organization d be able to help me and first and foremost when.when mr Trump.yestarday late d be also.mr big man.
Nevertheless my life is in ruins for a very long time.they think i jerk my dick off everything is fine.and dont lett he officers to help me.dont let the officers to help me.they continue their sneaky foxy tricks Trump as well and dont lett he officers to help me.or they dont want to help me.

International organization or organzizations help i d love to ask!police or any department which can help me and qickly against these animals.im sorry for the expression but the are.soulless heartless cruel merciless animals.
Roger isnt able to help me already.police help id need and d ask quickly.help me please.quickly.

Mentaly physically im down the ground or down ont he ground and they just continue their sneaky foxy tricks and nobody help.together with the thought that without some of the officers some.some.they d ve haunted into hospital nerve brokenness enjoyfully the moster Trump.as well as the sneaky foxy Obama.
Help me please dont keep me inthis situation anymore it kills me.help me please quickly.quickly.

You must know that without Roger and without some of the officers wouldnt ve been able to survive it even until this day and these animals d ve haunted me into nerve brokenness or tortured into death.just i dont bear already.the pressure the constant fear terror scariness.nem birom mar.id need help.help me please quickly.

I havent.spoken or.written.in connection with Roger who s the most important person beside some officers and beside my mum in these.without them wouldnt ve been able to survive it until this day because else people d ve haunted into nerve brokenness into hospital or id ve commited suicide or they d ve killed me.
My emotions towards Roger consists of some part.
pure love.towards his tennis which s i think the most attractive.and elegant.from the very first moment when i watched him.i liked it just didnt love but catched me.the love towards the human.which.just int he last couple of years i allowed to myself.not for a veryy long time despite that poems to him i ve written after some years already.
the thankfulness what i feel because he helped me when easier d ve been to throw me away and comfortable as well and let me int he hand of these animals.for example the stomach ray stopped at around 2013 apr Roger acted in february marc who knows.what d ve been if they had continued the stomach ray.on that level on which they did between 2011 jun and 2012 oct nov.the thankfulness because he did for me else people didnt let itt o happen.
The admire which i feel towards the tennis player.despite he threw away his giftness.i admire what hes done amazing performance.
The respect whe i feel towards the human and sportsman because of what he s performed int he sport.and because what he did for me against powerful people influenced people when he was helpless.
The trust which.if you think with your emotional intelligence heavy to have heavy to keep easy to destroy.love heavy to have heavy to destroy heavy to keep.just you can love another person with doubts too.without trusting him or her totally.of course thats another problem that you can trust another human without loving that person or anything but the trust s a very heavy human emotion. Roger trust me.
Roger trust me.even when he was angry at me he standed beside me.and wanted good to me.even when he was angry at me.because of the change problem.
The not one sidedness of my emotions feelings.Roger likes me.else people dont like me.
These from which it s put together towards him.and i dont feel that way that it be either accepted understood.or.treated how it should be.just Roger treats it in himself ont hat level on which it should be.

In connection with the rays.still that much i myself watched when 1.5 under goal was layed and 2 penalty kicks were done with the rays (the us government played instead of the players) because some people placed the bet for the under 1.5 goal in the 15 minutes period.they ray the goalkeeper muscle shaking or ray the players and they re like a puppet do what they want because they fear of the cancer or stroke or heart attack or diseases or anything.they re the biggest terrorist int he planet.the satellites s to be taken out to interpol.without some of the officers id be a lost person.without Mirelle in person d be a lost man.in a hospital with medicines treated.many things depended just on Mirelle and she decided in many things in which its possible that wrong outcome would ve been either without her.or without her decisions despite that i dont agree with her always.Trump doesnt lett he medical check out.treatment.they pull the time despite the paper has ended.i explained to them everything.they dont let the medical check out and treatment and dont lett he officers to help me.despite that they did much for me but my life is.in ruins its like a prison.like a prison you understand.and Trump doesnt let anything.i hope the officers ll arrive soon and it be end.Roger doesnt want to keep it up.Donald Trump should view in and understand.easily d be able to win the next electinons with taking out the satellites to the interpol.witout fighting for the presidentness instead of that that he plays the hard ball.because that d be so big act for the humanity.and for the human nation.and i think very unsmart unitelligent stupid act d be from Donald Trump if any of the officers or.inspectors had stroke or heart attack cancer or similar thing you cant kill everybody just because you d want to do.and at this moment 100s of officers could possibly work on this problem and on connected problems as well.i think Trump wants to win the next elections easily.instead of that that that hed play the hard ball or just because he wants to show to the world hes the most powerful do unthoughtful things.

I hope the officers ll arrive soon.and my summer ll not be damaged totally.independently from else world wide problems just think how heavy things they have.eye problem passwords anything.hackers.Mireille in person a poisoned person.despite that i think many of the officers not.i hope my summer ll not be damaged totally.i believe in the true love.and i believe in that that not those im sorry but cruel animals like you dictate always.i hope my summer ll not be destroyed this year also.

i dont like the torture.despite that ive been living together with a constant physical pain for 28 years.im able to put difference between pain and not pain suffer and not suffer (the spondylolisthesis is a human torture after a slice level just your own body tortures you thats why you cant call that) or that anything similar.my grandma who died in cancer and she had terrific pains didnt like the pain either.never told to me that the pain d be good.or useful.neither physical nor mental.Obama likes the pain.likes the torture.Trump likes the torture.the pain.sadness.suffering.bitterness.sorrow.i dont.and i believe that the oofficers either.without who d be a nerve brokened man in a hospital.and i wish they arrived soon in person too.

and despite that they "represented" some people ("are you blond" stereotipical thinking and some nazi effect) with "bomb" energy drink in their hands i hope my summer ll not be destroyed.


I didnt want to continue the previous post of mine because there re so many information in one post.
I start this with that too that without Roger and without some of the officers those people (not just Lady Gaga) d ve haunted into nerve brokenness about who i wrote.the paper what Roger signed about me has ended in may. Donald Trump doesnt lett he officers to help me.i believe and hope it ll change because at this moment i dont know even do i ve or do not ve cancer in m body (2011 jun and 2012 oct,nov stomach ray level) when „the outcoming of mine” was liquid.

Im not able to accept that just because someone is on paper (Roger did that with good intention that he wants to help me, the situation meanwhile changed because my mum and sister are in trouble not healthy pysically) just because of that you are or. Were allowed to torture.abuse haunt from flats to flats insult molestate sexually indirectly do physical pain to another person without punishment.even until this day Trump keeps me in fear and scariness without punshment enjoyfully just because of the officers these people are controlled or.some of the officers Mireille in person and some else people.without them, i d be a lost man in a hospital because of the unneccassary hurtness circus and molestation insults or physical pain (raying my teeth prostat kidney) and without Roger.they acted for me else people didnt do anything just watched that i suffered or suffer.

Id need medical treatment andi ask again let me to hospital.i roared with them.im in a very wrong mind condition.not sure that else people are able to sense it.some of the officers maybe.id need help and also medical check out stomach belyl system.id lvoe to ask help and that the officers can help me and pull me out from this mentally destroyful and i dont know phyically destroíful situation. Roger doesnt want to keep it.he didnt want to damage my christmas just that time longer than 100 days were remaining (i didnt masturbate for 100 days) but now the paper has ended.and it d be time to fininsh it and lett o hospital.these people are psychopats.i stand it that they are dangerous to the human community.enjoyfully torture.hurt do pain humiliate abuse other people.nevertheless that enjoyfully kill.

I hope that the officers ll be able to help me already and ill be able to live without fear and terror and scariness in which already Trump keeps me.

im sure that this case.which.is a drop of water in the sea.piece of sand in the desert.(!!!)whatever how else people see can be closed down.indepndently from the 3 weigful cases (satellites problem the migration problem the mess killers problem) about which i talked with the officers and with other ones in the last couple of weeks.im waiting.please hurry up.i know.i dont ve the stuff.information system.and information lines.information level.with which i d be able to be or.view onto.what s connection between things and how they are.despite.please.dont damage my summer this year also.and let to hospital.any kinds of paper have and has ended in may.in may.the people who pull it are absolutely out of time.together with the thought that these so called papers are basically agaisnt everything which s humanful or human dignitiy basic human rights.Roger doesnt want to keep it up either.

Respectfully to the people who deserve.

Barack Obama sneakily foxily doesnt cooperate with the officers now either he doesnt want another shame onto his head.doesnt help the officers and pull back the investigation.without some of the officers Trunp d ve already haunted into nerve brokenness and i d be in a hospital closed in if depended on them.just some of the officers and Roger on who depended.else people didnt do anything for me just comfortably watched that i suffered or suffer.

without some of the officers Trump d ve rayed my teeth so painfully which d be not bearable and d insult me molestate me continously indirectly sexually as well.just on some of the officers depended that these people werent able to haunt into nerve brokenness or i guess killed me (Trump doesnt let the medical check out of my stomach and belly system not even until this day and doesnt let medical treatment to me either.)
Trump has the same psychological profile like Obama.just didnt kill 40 50.000 people.but he s also a cruel person.military maniac man.aggressive violentful person.
i dont know but i guess that he has evil intentions with me despite that he helped Roger (previous post).but.same profile. like the sorrow like the pain like the torture.the suffering.bitterness.

I feel pain and bitternes sorrow and sadness despite that im glad every time i watch Roger.actually almost he s my only joy.im sadful because my sister s illness ve been diagnosed in the last couple of weeks.im sad because my mums not healthy.im not healthy.i live in constant fear scariness and pressure without some of the officers wouldt been able to survive it.and without Roger.
I charge these people independently form thier else evilneses what they worldwide commited. with the human torture.
They didnt let me sleep from 7 days in 7. heavyd it be to describe how it feels.you feel lie a zombie.if you ve some pain in your body that feels so big and.much more painful.my waist in my case.it pained so much.the first 4 years were terrible (they didnt let me sleep earlier either just not from 7 days in 7 just in 4 or 5 days from the 7 woke me up).and after (i mean after the human torture and before the human torture)also woke me up just not so significantly not so constantly.
They kept me in coldness for 4 monthes.ice cold refresh was on the table when i arrived in fron of the entrance. coca cola advertisement.funny to them not to me.it feels that when you move the coldness touch your skin i slept (was able to rest on the bed for some hours) in coat and in glow when i was able to.and covered myself.every time i moved the coldness went into the clothes.your muscles start to be like the concrete.tough.heavy to move.
And they noised int he flat all day long because they didnt let me sleep during the night i tried during the day they didnt lett hat either.when i rest down noise when i sit down noise.
I charge them with the damaging of my life my mums life.with many small evilnesses what they commited against me and against my relatives.organized gang stalking or what.
I charger them with that that they abused me as a boy as a human as a man and humiliated me.gasses into my human dignity and basic human rigths and i lost myy grandmas books because they sent the bitch to my parents when i was closed int he hospital and wasn able to defense.my mum and sister didnt ve space in the flat and they had to send my gradnmas books away to a library.
I ask the officers respectfully help me and pull me out from this situation.and im whainting from the medical check out.my stomach and belly system.i hope i dont ve any tumore like activity.

and dont misunderstand my words.i foulted im clean with it i know.just this is.so unfair unjustice and uncorrect.which s undescribeable.


Yesterday i talked about it to the officers and i feel important to write it down that. The – that time still one sided relationship – between Roger and i or.Roger and me changed when my grandma died.usually if you loose the most beloved person in your life you feel huge emotional pain (i grew up beside my grandma, my parents are divorced and i ve 2 sisters they remained with my parents (each of them borned in the new marriage of my parents actually half sisters of mine)i remained with my grandma).and she left big space behind her after her. I escaped into my editions.emotions.i didnt watch the cincy masters.just from hls.just the us open.that was the only tv program which i watched properly.i switched between the channels. but didnt watch anything properly. my grandma died ont he 15th of aug.i escaped into my videos first pictures then videos and i started to be addicted to them and love them so much that it s become the most entertainful activity of my life.i love it more than the masturbating.from sports swimming should be suggested because of my back.this relationship survived very heavy times.stronger than the fall in love emotions which tough for a while more intensive but tranforms into love and then drops.this emotion with Roger became and s become.stronger during the years and by today not one sided Roger likes me.helped me and didnt throw me away when easier d ve been.he called the interpol officers onto this case and onto some elses first. without them id be a nervebrokened damaged man.in a hospital. together with the thought that Roger likes every fan of him.without my videos i cant call myself that.i keep itt hat you should be able to show something up to express yourself your emotions feelings.millions of people watch him.i hope ill be able to edit agiain.i dont ve cancer or tumor like activity in my body.
And tha the officers ll arrive soon.my summer ll not be destroyed.my fears are undescribebly high.i hate to stay int he flat dont watch tv i bring my mums laptop into th stairhouse.and even int he office i fear despite that the officers helped.unfortunatelly my mind condition brain condition dropped dramaticly and im in a very weak and wrong mind condition at this moment.i hope therss organization which could help me.and i dont ve to wait already much.Roger is the most beloved person in my life.i had an own created book or.notes. with stucked pictures about Jordan vhs collection cards also but with Roger longer time i spent and despite i followed some parts of else peoples life sas well Ryan Phillippe or else people as well,x files.i can bravely say Roger is the most beloved person.from foreign people.and im proud of my picture collection and video collection about him on hard disk space.some matched on vhs.you ve to understand.not my foult that earlier what happened.and not my foult.when Roger entered my life i was ill already.i wasnt allowed to play tennis just swimming and gymnastics.i foulted but this is absurd.Roger agrees with me also.they dont let to hospital dont let the officers to help me.despite that without some of the officers Obama and Trump d ve haunted into nerve brokennness hospital or d ve tortured into death.which organization would be able to help me and when.
I hope the officers ll arrive soon.and my summerll not be destroyed.
Trump forces the officers and Roger into newer and newer time pullings and that i ve to be kept in it and doesnt lett he officers to help me.i dont know which organization and when could help.i wish right now.

i dont know what else can i say.i dont want to make you bored with things you know.they watch your tv.radio.everthing.mobile phone screen.every technical things.computers even in offline condition.i wrote about it.if you surf on the web maybe just the earthmoving in connection with which and cancer or.stroke.heart attack rain wind hurricanes tornados vulcanos birds animals water eyes ears, etc. you ll not be able to have information.in connection with the organized gang stalking and these things the web is filled up with.the youtube is filled up with.i hope the officers arrive soon in person as well.id need help.


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