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Cimkék: Roger, Federer
the original dv s bigger than 2gb. idve liked to make viewed or.dve loved to make viewed in dv, but 1gb s the limit. this s the reducated v. and the last editing of mine in these circumstances.ill not delete the other v. cause it ve scenes which. this not. tough very bad quality.

im waiting for the officers personal intervention.
my face ll never heal again. my stomach pains for 3 monthes. ive heartbeat problem. my prostat freezed up. i wish my teeth wouldnt pain and my face wouldnt be worse. id love to ask help.

im tired. aged. getting aged. almost 40. overtortured. and bitterfilled. Roger means everything to me. i d lvoe to view him in person at least one time in my life. and know the truth about my grandma s death. im waiting for the officers personal intervention.

if i d be or.was alive id make ll make lots of videos about roger and correct the foults in these. confirmated that they want to kill me and blackmail else people with it. im waiting for the officers. i wish at least they dntve damaged my face which nice was, even women said it. tough i d just one sided relationships. in my life. what ll happen. if i d be alive, ill write down. - 2021.11.25.
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