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Interview with DJ Laszlo Szabad Interview with Laszlo Szabad and Mdonnafanrecords: When was your first remix? - My first experience with Madonna was in 1987, upon the release of the album "La isla bonita". Her unique style and character caught my attention. Back in the 80's, as a hobby DJ, I used to play in smaller clubs and house parties. However, after a while, I wished to create my own music, eventually leading me to remixing. After a few attempts, my first real track was a remix of Peter Tosh's "Out of space". I have uploaded that to YouTube, you can take a listen if you wish. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TI_Fe1UhRF8 Are You Madonna fan?- Yes, I do consider myself a Madonna fan, I pretty much like her style and the power to constantly renew. When we get your new remixes album?- About the new album, that is a difficult question, since every Madonna album is different:) My guess is a brand new powerful face and design. Beyond that, no one can tell:) What is your favuorite DJ?-My favourite DJ is Tiesto. His professional knowledge, unique mixing and human values are very appealing. When I hear a new song, after a while, I just start to hear a different music in it. When I create a remix, I simply transform the track the way I want it to sound. I made the "Day Another Day" remix in the same way, the process took roughly a day. Thanks DJ Laszlo for Interview. http://www.mdonnafanrecords-home.blogspot.com/2011/10/interview-with-dj-laszlo-szabad.html
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