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2012. márc. 25.

ABJECT HUMAN IS WHAT YOU ARE FORLORN SNEAKY EVIL AND ABJECTED HOW MUCH YOU ENJOY THAT YOU CAN INTERVENT INTO OFFICIAL THINGS IN THIS COUNTRY AND YOU CAN TERRORIZE OTHER ONES LIKE YOU KEEP FEAR CONTINOUSLY PEOPLE AND ALREADY ON INTERVENTING INTO THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT OFFICE WORK I DONT KNOW THAT WITH WHO BECAUSE I TALKED WITH DORKOTA ÚR TOO AND KAJÁRI ÚR TOO AND BOTH OF THEM SEEMED HONOUR HAVING PEOPLE.I BELIEVE THAT EVERY PEOPLE AT THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT OFFICE WOULDNT ALLOW PEOPLE LIKE YOU INTERVENT INTO THEIR WORK.YOU RE ONE OF THE MOST EVIL SNEAKY HUMAN I EVER SEEN,CORRUPT PEOPLE RE LIKED BY YOU.WHO WOULD SELL THEMSELVES FOR MONEY THEIR WORK THEIR INSIDE.WHO COULD TURN OUT FROM THEMSELVES FOR MONEY.AND IN WHOSE LIFE YOU CAN INTERVENT WITH YOU EVILNESS.WICH YOU COULDNT DO WITH PEOPLE WHO RE ON THE SAME LEVEL LIKE YOU.SUCH AN ABJECTED HUMAN IS WHAT YOU RE DOING THIS WITH A PHYSICALLY ILL MAN.SZARHÁZI.STOP THE EVIL INTERVENTION INTO MY LIFE AND CREATING REASONS WHY TO DO.REASONS WHICH ARE NOT EVEN BEING.I WOULD NEVER TOUCH THAT GIRL WITH WHO IN CONNECTION YOU PSYCHOPATISM COMES OUT I HOPE SHE KNOWS ABOUT THESE THINGS AND THAT WHAT KIND OF DEBIL HUMAN YOU ARE.THAT YOU JUDGE OTHER ONES BECAUSE OF THINGS WHICH ARE JUST IN PSYCHOPATIC MIND MEANWHILE YOU IN REALITY COMMIT EVILNESSES CONTINOUSLY READ MY POSTS OVER MS NO HONOUR!!!THE ONLY THING BECAUSE OF WHICH YOU INTERVENT INTO MY LIFE EVIL AND SNEAKY THINGS IS THAT THAT YOU COULNDT SEE ME HAPPY AND EVEN IF HAD A NORMAL LIFE WOULD BE UNBEARABLE PAIN TO YOU!!!!!I WISH THAT AN INTERNATIONAL COURT COULD INVESTIGATE YOU CRIMES AGAINST ME AND ORGANIZATIONS WOULD KNOW ABOUT THESE!!!!!What kind of debil abjected joy you can find in hurting torturing terrorizing a physically ill man????are you normal?????neither you nor anyone else can force me into things meanwhile you continously run your debil mind and by now i think that s reached a level which s medical case that what kind of evilness you can do in my a physically ill ones life and more people could proove what i say.a humans private life basic rights home naturally belong to a life.without doing for them ms high no honour.who create things which can be used against me meanwhile they re not even in reality.and then you because of the created reasons find them enough to intervent into my life evil way.i wish that people could see what kind of forlorn evil human you re and how impossibly my life s been done and how humiliating circumstances i live between for a very long time.and that you spend half days with creating or generating reasons meanwhile illegaly sighting is continous in my life and nothing from the things which were said to me ve even just one been realized.the damage the fear keeping that i live in fear in terror is the only thing which s in my you know you debil idiot that these things can remain scars which can not heal?????i wish you could be put onto an international court investigation one day because of the crimes you commit!!!!stop terrorizing my life!!!!stop hurting my private life continously stop judging me because of things which are not even being!!!!!take your evilness out from my life and let me in peace and sleep and live!!!!!!!and stop the evil intervention into anything in my life my driving license and any kinds of things of mine.the things which were your cup of tea are how they were said.nothing from the things which you said are not even to close level to that!!!!!!stop interventing into my free time and into his decisions until they d touch just now well known fact that you terrorize people unfairly and unjusticely because even just that if i had a normal life would be unbearable to you!!!!!rather stand up and admit that ms big face!!!!!ms high level that you enjoy damaging my life a kurva anyádat te szarházi kurva!!!!im a physicall ill one i wish that people would give a picture about you because of the things which you did and do with me!!!and that everything re true!!!!!get out from my life!!!!!!get onto a plane if you want something and tell!!!!or go to hell.and as you had uncountable many chances to do any good which wouldnt ve costed not even a coin and continously did against me and swindled me in reality not in debil thoughts debil guessings or debil imaginations in reality ms no honour.stay where you are and remain that shit human who you re and always will be.and get out from international court investigation could be against you because of the things which you commit against me!!!!leave my life!!!!!anyone in this world can do anything wrongly.even can do bad things too.but what you do is continous and purpose and planned evilnesses and damage.there s forgiveness and stepping through on things.but you continously damage my life and health and terrorizing my life.with will and on purpose.LEAVE MY LIFE OTHERWISE ILL ASK HELP AND LL REPORT THESE ON AN INTERNATIONAL COURT!!!!!LEAVE MY LIFE!!!!!!!i ll never be able to see you not even naturally.after that you commited years of evilness against me and want to haunt me into suicide which also a well known fact.leave my re coward sneaky and has already give chances to you to do anything.and read over what you did.leave my life and stop the evilnesses of your with your corruption things and interventing into my medical diagnosises and interventing into my ofiical papers my driving license too.get out from my life.and read my posts.if you ve brain for that and not just for the evilness.a valuless human and woman is what you re.


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